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Todd Grigsby's Home Page American Flag I'm Todd Grigsby. This page is my personal web page. The views expressed here are mine alone. I reserve the right to say whatever the hell I want on this page. This right is protected by THE FIRST AMENDMENT. If you see something here that offends you, you may protest by clicking on the "comments" link at the bottom of this page and sending me a mail message describing your grievance. I'm flexible and open-minded, so if your argument is reasonable and logical, I'll consider it.

A Quick Intro: First and foremost, I'm a husband and father, with pictures of the family online (click here to email me for the URL). I am the President of Todd Grigsby Enterprises (what else?). I make case management and fiduciary software, bug tracking software, and Point Of Sale (POS) software. And, of course, all this software uses the latest web application and Windows development tools, since most of it was originated by yours truly. I'm currently employed by a major software firm because, frankly, the economy has been killing my business. It was either get a job and hang this up or the economy will recover and I'd ride the wave. It's been a roll of the dice. I specialize in Java+JSP+Struts and Delphi, but my skills list is too long to list here. Check my resume for more details.

Lava Lamp I'm also an alumni of Kennewick High School, class of 1983, which is had its 20th year reunion in July of 2003. I got tapped to do the web site, which can be found here:, but I couldn't make it.
I'm opinionated, but open-minded, athletic, a lifetime fan of the FSU Seminoles, born Southern and proud, anti-racist, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah... Just a fun-lovin' guy, really...

Spaceman Spiff

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These are some of my views on things in world, usually excerpted from letters I've sent directly or posted in news forums. This page has a long way to go, so don't get all up in arms first thing, ok? Feel free to comment, though. CyberTao The Path to Enlightenment Since I can no longer carry "The Tao of Programming" on my website, I took it upon myself to take the actual founding writings of Tao, by Lau Tzu, and create the ONE TRUE Tao of programming, the "CyberTao". A weak imitation of Mr. James' work, but it's mine, all mine!!! BwuhahAHAHAHA!! Friends Basketball Buddies Some friends of mine playing basketball. Lawyers Lawyers Not all lawyers suck... No, really!... But dontcha just hate the lawyers that do? A while back I complained about a highly unethical corporate attorney on-line. Much to my delight, the Web community responded, providing me with hours of appropriate entertainment, which I will now share with you... Gripes Gripes What's a web page supposed to be if not informative? Here's my attempt to inform others of the bad experiences I've had with people, places, and things, in the hope that they won't make the same mistakes I've made.
These websites are as essential to my morning as the two double cappucinos and bagel I have for breakfast...
Dilbert Dilbert
Robotman Robotman
Liberty Meadows -- now out of production, but it was so fantastic, and I miss it so, that I actually still read it. Liberty Meadows
Diesel Sweeties: Love and pixels Diesel Sweeties
And of course, David Letterman and his Top Ten Lists David Letterman
Alumni of Kennewick High School, class of 1983, your 20 year reunion page, (which I authored ;) ), can be found here:

Something any engineer can identify with:
Dilbert Screwed
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