Subject:      Another Escort story
Date:         Fri, 02 May 1997 13:01:24 -0400

     I've read with fascination your webpage as it would appear that you
are telling my story about my 1986 Escort L.  My car seems to be a
conglomeration of everything I've ever heard or read about the Escort.
My brief history with this car is this--it has always had some type of
electrical problem since after the first year I had it.  The inside
lamps don't work, my cigarette lighter shorted out my radio/tape player
installed by a Ford sub-contractor, and I once was cruising down I-10
when all my needles on the dash started flapping, engine quit for about
5 seconds, then everything was fine again (of course, I don't dare take
road trips in that car anymore).  The thermostat on the engine fan
burned out causing the fan to cease to operate which subsequently caused
the engine to overheat and warped the head.  That was a pricey one to
     The water seals on the block rusted out dumping all the antifreeze
on the ground.  The weather stripping around the rear hatch separated
and hangs out the back.  My neighbor laughed at that one because he had
an Escort with the same "look" once.  He also had the same problem with
what I call the "60,000-mile rubber band", also known as the timing
belt.  I have just put 125,000 miles on my car, and just like clockwork,
I'm now on my third belt.
     Let's talk about the AC.  Well......, let's don't.  I haven't used
it since the freon recharge ran out less than six months later, and I
live in Florida for Christ's sake.  At least the car goes faster now.
     I was completely shocked at your revelation about the seat welds.
That one almost left me on the floor laughing except for the fact it
happened to me when I pulled off at an intersection one morning only to
find myself sitting in the back seat in the "fully reclined position".
If I had known about that recall, I would not have spent the last four
years driving around with a small cooler behind my seat to prop it up.
The only recall I've ever got was for the emission system; and, I can
promise you, I will rot in hell before I go back to Ford's service
     My humorous running commentary about American cars, and Fords in
particular, is this:  Americans just don't know how to make cars out of
plastic as good as the Japanese can.  You have to find humor in this
somewhere or it will just gnaw at you until you want to.....

Thanks for the good work you're doing for all of mankind.



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