November 2010

Reviving Delphi
Palin Predicts Victory in 2012
Cry Baby Democrats
Obama's Torture Record
Palin Polarizing?
A Scottish Toast
What The 2010 Election Results Mean
Obamacare: Saves Money
Rand Paul's Small Government Ideas
Bush: Legacy Through A Looking Glass
Windows 7 Mobile: DOA
Keith Olbermann Sidelined
Jerry McNerney
Evan Bayh
Well Done, Massachusetts
Pot Bill Fails
Giuliani: World's Worst Analyst
Carly Fiorina
Jan Brewer: WTF
John Boehner: Ass-Hat
Letter To The Teabaggers
Christine O'Donnell
Election 2010 Wrap-Up
September 2010

Joe Miller: Douche
Jan Brewer: Whackadoodle
Sarah Palin: Not Mean
Bush: Simple
Obama Un-American?
Quayle: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...
August 2010

The "Ground Zero" Mosque
Quayle: The Apple Doesn't Fall Far...
June 2010

Barton Sings Love Songs To BP
Why Does the GOP Hate America?
Why Does the GOP Hate California?
Carly Fiorina? Really?
Rush Limbaugh To Wed
Go Teabaggers!
The BP Oil Spill
May 2010

Louisiana Oil Spill
A Krups House No More
Tool O' The Month: ACLU
Immigration Part II
April 2010

Krups Craps Out
Tool O' The Month: Andrea Tantaros
My Coffee Routine
Frum Converts To Reality
Palin's Melting Alaska
Middle East, Middle Ages
"Reverend" Fred Phelps: Anti-Christian
Religion-Tainted Healthcare
March 2010

Where Was Todd?
Elin and Sandra
Oxymoron Of The Month: Christian Militia
GOP: Their Plan
Louie Gohmert
Graham: Warmonger
Healthcare Reform Post-Game Analysis
GOP: Pouting
Bye Bye Limbaugh?!
Health Care Reform... Sort Of
Featured Videos of the Month
Jesse James: Newest Member of the Tiger Woods Club
Dems Lost Massachusetts: What Did It Mean?
January 2010

Where Was Todd?
Why I'm Not A Libertarian
Health Care Reform: Bottom Of The Barrel
Where Has The Democrat Party Gone?
Dems Lose Massachusetts: What's It Mean?
October 2009

Joe the Plumber: Stupid by the Bucket
Health Care: Another Facet
Ann Coulter: Still Crazy After All These Years
Dick Being a Prick
Obama's Direction
GOP Idol: Corporatism
Hate in America
Meghan McCain
Peppermint Stephie
September 2009

GOP Scare Tactics: More and More Desperate
A Chance To Save 45,000 Lives
Glenn Beck: Hitler-esque Entertainer
Joe Wilson: Liar
Sarah Palin: Liar
Obama Fixing Bush's Recession
War On Terror Over
Jean Schmitt: Birther
August 2009

July 2009

Firearms in Yosemite
Tron Easter Egg
Obama's Citizenship
Big Screen Bulbs
Credit Industry Relies on Stupid People
GOP Idiots On Parade
GOP Melting
Sarah Palin
Michael Jackson
Mark Sanford
My Son
June 2009

Ahmadinejad: Iranian Bush
Obama: Disappointment
GOP Zombies
Bit Players
May 2009

Dick Limbaugh
Rule of Law: Not So Much?
Terrorists in America
Pelosi: Resign?
Thought for the Day
GOP: Party of No
Beauty Does Not Equal Smart
April 2009

Throwing the Doors Wide Open
Moron of the Day: Rick Perry
Caveman Television
Constitutional Violations Excused
Fox News: NeoCon Propangda Continues
Moron Alert
Palin: Screechy, Unhinged Loser
Norm Coleman: Nancy Boy
Jillette: Entertainer, Nothing More
GOP: Wizards of Oz
March 2009

GOP: Wizards of Oz
Ashley Biden: Oops...
Shame: Veteran Healthcare
Stewart Guts Cramer
Rove: No Immunity, No Protection
Norris: Whiny Little Baby
Obama to Meet With Taliban
McCain's Daughter is Obama Fan, Coulter Hater

Science Restored: Obama Rejects Bush Stem Cell Order
Steele Bows To King Limbaugh
Ruminations on Presidential Theory
February 2009

GOP Pork Blather
Conscientious Voting Penalized by GOP
GOP Traitors Getting Their Due
Palin: STILL Doesn't Get It
Traitors: The National Republican Trust PAC
Steele: Mercurial Reasoning
Christian Bale: Tantrum
All Eyes On Virginia
Dick In The News
Hypocrite of the Minute: John McCain
Rent to Not Own
Pork and Beans
Thought For The Day
H1B Payroll Bailout
Thought For The Day: We're Only Half-Baked
Places I Want To Visit Before They're Gone
January 2009

Steele: The New Newt
Guiliani's True Colors
Punked Prognosticator #1
Obama: The 20th Percentile
Obama's Recession
Cheney: The Dark Lord Defends His Minion
McCain: Obama Critic
Obama: Day One
Ted Whackjob Nugent
MFFB Exuent Stage Left
Goodbye, George
My Response To Bush's Farewell Speech
Thought For The Day
Obama: Will He Fail Us As Well?
Teachers: Students Are Off-Limits
Bush: A Handful of Screechy Apologists
Bush: History Rewriter's Cramp
Obama: Spiderman
Why Oakland Burns: Racism
Senator Al Franken
Burris: Back-Handed Appointment?
Navarette: Racist, Again
December 2008

Bush: Countdown
UN Relevance
GOP: Racist Again
Prop 8: Ruminations
Electrasol, Kiss My Butt
Coal: The Stinking Truth Revealed
Bail-Out Screw-Up
Rice: Dillusional
GOP Smacked Down
Scott Ritter
November 2008

Gardening For Golfers
Lying Pastor
More Qualified Than Palin
Mormons, Inc.
Lieberman Retains Chair
Ted Stevens: Convicted and Unemployed
Todd's Bailout Plan
Border Patrolmen Freed At Last?
Democrats Trusted
Conservatism Went Too Far
Optimism Springs Eternal
Out Of Touch With Reality
Boys Vs. Girls
Victory For America
Last Thought Before The Weekend
Limbaugh Whining
Fox Running Scared
Cave Dwellers
For The Record
The Racist States
A New Day -- But First...
Tears of Relief
Yes We Can
October 2008

No on 8
The Final Stretch
Bachman = McCarthy
Palin: Idiot
Not Always Progressive
Rove Nearly Arrested
Obama Bucks
About a Month Too Long
Fred Thompson: Older Than Dirt
Quote of the Month
Bill Ayers: Enough Already
3 Up, 3 Down
270 And Counting
Madonna And Ritchie Split
Oh, Hank... No...
McCain Left With The Dross
Republican Rage
Bozo the President
The Search for Roger Baker, 2008
Stealing The Election
Nobel Gambling
One More Prediction
Next Prediction
Stupid Positions
Second Presidential Debate
Sanchez: Tool, Part 2
Obama's Election To Lose
Palin Slapped Back, Husband To Be Questioned
A Prediction and Some Advice
Dolly Is No Babe
Anatomy of a Meltdown
Leslie Sanchez: Easily Confused?
The Implosion Continues
Palin: Bright, Shiny Loser
Bay Buchanan
Change vs. Change
Palin's Reading List: All Of 'Em!
Vice Presidential Debate
Religious Stupidity
September 2008

Palin's Interview
Quote of the Month
Top 10 Reasons To Vote For Obama
The Right Bailout
McCain: The Wrong Citation
McCain: Stunt in Reaction To Polls
McCain: Homo Hypocrite
Democrats Go Limp
Republicans: Scaredy Cats
McCain: Ass
Bob Barr: Left Wing Tool
Palin Wusses Out
McCain Hates You
Stupid Slogans: "Country First"
Palin: Not Ready
Palin: Empty-Headed Parrot
Financial "Pain"?
John McCain on "The View"
Palin: Just The Facts, Ma'am... Please?
Palin Tells Heart: Screw You
Bush Burning U.S. As Fast As He Can
Palin: Anytime Is A Good Time
Palin: Religious Whack-Job
Carol Cafferty
Thompson: Grandpa's Grip On Reality Still Loose
And You Thought Edwards Caught Hell
McCain's New Slogan.
Even Their Experts Aren't Buying It
Fred Thompson: Addressing The Elites
McCain: Poor Choice
Palin: Poor Choice
Thompson: A Bad Script
August 2008

McCain Making The Correct Choice
New McCain Ad
"Ugly Truth"
How Could It Possibly Be A Tie?
Boundaries of Acceptable Regime Change Defined
Dear John
Voight's Concerns
PETA vs. Huntingdon Life Sciences
Savage Ass
House GOP Stragglers Throw Tantrum
Gallup: At It Again
John Coward Public
Bush Attacks Women's Rights
McCain Supporters: Cowards and Racists
The Last Word on FISA (For Now)
Bush's Thirst For Oil (Profits)
Al Gore's Moon Shot
Karadzic: Justice
July 2008

Bush Attacks Women's Rights
McCain Supporters: Cowards and Racists
The Last Word on FISA (For Now)
Bush's Thirst For Oil (Profits)
Al Gore's Moon Shot
Karadzic: Justice
Presidential Preview: Obama in Berlin
Quote of the Day
CBS: In The Tank For McCain
McCain's Best Shot: Lying
Jerk of the Day: Mike Meehan
FISA: Forgiving But Not Forgetting
New Information on FISA
Kicking People When They're Down
Retroactive Immunity For Telcos, Omnipotent Executive
June 2008

The Price Of Liberty
McSame Vocabulary
Responding To Glenn Beck
Racism On Display
Translating James Dobson
Announcing The New OOTM Format
Save The Constitution, Save The United States
Death Of The Constitution
Retroactive Immunity For Telcos, Omnipotent Executive
Let Manson and His Followers Die In Prison
Taliban Moving Back In
McCain: Anti-Constitution
President Bush Accused By Major General
Obama Slips: Cutting Corporate Tax Rates
McCain: Flipping Or Just Conflicting?
Afghanistan Falling To Taliban
Obama's Race To Lose
GOP Targets Half The Argument
Bitter About The Economy
"McCain Democrats"
Louisiana Republicans Kicking Katrina Victims
Amy Winehouse: A Warning
Rock Dwellers With Internet Access
Righting Wrongs
Clinton Whiners
McCain: Still Doesn't Get It
Carville: Admitting The Obvious
Obama: Democratic Presidential Candidate
Limbaugh: As Racist As O'Reilly
Brigitte Bardot: Racist?
Todd Purdum: Jackass
Obama Has Won
When Eighth Grade Science Teachers Attack
Enemies of the Constitution
May 2008

Did You Hear A Bombshell Go Off?
Sharon What's-Her-Name Stone: Idiot
Pelosi's Stepping In
Clinton: Stretching The Truth
Distracted? Not Me.
Obama's VP: Not Clinton
Random Thought
McCain: 2013
McCain Stands By His Prejudice
Principal Quits So He Can Be Prejudiced
From Under A Rock
GOP: Moral Destitution as a Symptom
Iraq: The Solution
Obama: Rock Star
Obama: Family First
The Fear And Religion Ticket
Ferraro: Bitter Old Hag
Bush: Pro Arab Rights
Oil Reserve Effect On Prices
Active Justice
Michigan and Florida?
Katherine Harris: Loser
RIP Borland
Time To Stop
McCain: Blowing GOP Smoke Up Your Skirt
Nancy Pelosi: Rubber Chicken?
McCain: Bush Regurgitated
Clinton: Hypocrite
Oil: Demand Is Not Up, Supply Is Not Down
Helen Thomas Kicks Ass
Fired For Wearing A Bikini
Just Waiting For Another Whistle Blower?
D.C. Madame Commits Suicide
Wright Wrongs Obama For The Last Time
Nancy Grace
April 2008

Clinton: Cheater
Jimmy Carter
McCain: GOP Math
McCain: Warmonger Bush Claims 4th Amendment Immunity
Bush Creating Terrorists Randi Rhodes Suspended
Randi Rhodes Suspended: Post Note
Ventura Out Of Touch
Money = Power
McCain? NEVER!
March 2008

McCain On Housing Bailout
Nance Graceless
Obama's Pastor
Glenn Misses the $53 Trillion Asteroid
McCain? NEVER!
February 2008

Lohan Playing Monroe
Nader: What the Heck?
Obama = Kennedy
Useless Gestures
Hillary Getting Shrill
MoveOn: The Next Gen Political Party?
Biofuels Produce CO2? Duh!
Headscarves In Turkey
MSNBC: The New Faux News?
Super Tuesday
Political Hit-Men
This Is Why
Lame (Duck) President
January 2008

Obama's Whitewater?
The Fight Against Treason
The War on Scientology
Vista: An OS Only A Mother Could Love
Mrs. Feinstein, You're Fired
Presidential Candidates and Dianne Feinstein
Chris Dodd Fighting Against Treason!
Economic Stupidity
Politically Correct or Just Stupid?
Election Thoughts
Kucinich Cut By NBC
Oh, Hell No
A Laugh To Fix A Bad Day
Bob Graham
Crime Scene: Washington
I Found $30 Billion
The Failure of a Surge
A Dream
Kerry Snubs Edwards
Hillary Stands Firm
Life's Simple Pleasures
The Demise of Drugs?
Bush's Crystal Ball Needs Cleaning
Border Agents Not Pardoned
Obama vs. Huckabee
Thank you, Mr. Dodd
Huckabee: For Fewer Rights
Real Man of the Day: Kucinich
Moron of the Day: Romney
African Melt-Down
Gilda Radner
Fixing The United States of America
December 2007

Spine Award: Chris Dodd
Idiot of the Day: Chris Wallace
Asinine Quote Of The Month
Romney: Bush Suck-Up
Bush: Athletes "Violating" Their Bodies
Bush: Still Thinks You're Stupid
Secret Service Protect Guiliani's Mistress?!
Bush: Liar
Flipper Is Not Apologizing
Shaolin vs. Buddha
CIA Cover-up
November 2007

Republican Shame
Condi Infatuated with Bush?
Bill Clinton: Economic Virtuouso
Harry Reid: An Army Of One
Torture Czarina Quits
Obama Kicks Hillary's Butt On Social Security
Hey Joe, Whaddya Know?
Hillary Softball Plant
The Tab
Thompson Wants The Draft
Obama's the Man
Bush: Loves War, Hates Children
Tom Tancredo: Disturbing Ad
October 2007

The New Mid-East Threat
Guiliani: Stupid
Laura Bush: I'm Relevant!
Ruben Navarette: Idiot
Chuck Norris: Brain Damaged?
Al Gore Wins Nobel Prize
Bullies: Screw'em
An Expert Speaks
DNC vs. Florida
Romney Pwned On Medical Marijuana
Basic Courtesy
Sadist Adoptions
Belt Spanking = Abuse
Romney = Harris?
$3000 Price Tag For Good Government
Congress Tilting Further
Belt Spanking = Abuse
Torture CZarina: Fran Townsend
Driver's Licenses for Illegal Aliens
Dams Crumbling
Fiscal Printers: Slow Pain
Bush's Fourth Veto
Bush Like Vesuvius?
Kicking Ford While They're Down
Cold War Is Back
Third Party: Just The First Shot
Noose As Teaching Aid
Edwards's Daughter
Britney Loses Custody Of Her Kids
Guiliani's Prediction
OH NO! GOP Divided?!
The Prediction
John McCain: Fundie Exposed
Clarence Thomas: Sour Grapes
Giving the Supreme Court Some Advice
September 2007

MFFB: Math Is Not His Strong Suit
Newt Demurs
Wanna See Slow? Try DMOZ
Stephanie Miller
"Patriot" Act Unconstitutiona
Letter to Jerry McNerney
Hi, Honey
The C Student Gets An F In Current Events
Lesley Sanchez on LSD?
CNN Video Anchor Drunk?
Jesse Jackson's Racism Showing Again
Gravel Whining Again
GOP Grasping At Straws
Fox Stabs Bush
The C Student Speaks
Illegal Aliens Whining
Edwards: Grandstanding
Bush Hates Your Kids
The Taliban Declares War On Pakistan
Federal Reserve Chairman's War Strategy
Jena 6
Alberto Gonzales
Guiliani: Neo-Con Whack Job
Virginia: Too Smart To Be Republican
Korea: The Forgotten Iraq
Guiliani: No Respect For The Law
Stupid Americans
Obama Being Unfair
The Troops
$600 Million Boondoggle
Failing Grades
The GOP Joke
Russia: Turning Up The Heat?
McConnell Can Kiss My Butt
Britney Spears at the VMAs
Is She A Slut?
Hillary Goes Republican?
Pelosi Part of PNAC?!
Celebutard: Jon Voight = Right Wing Tool
Mitt Romney: Flip-Flopping Liar
Buffoon Award: Fred Thompson
Successful Antiterrorism
The Buffoon-In-Chief Speaks
Osama Bin Laden: Anticipated Speaker
Racist: Eddie Griffin
Wrong Questions (continued)
A Nation of Laws
August 2007

Bush Authorizes War Against Iran
Surge Failing... (yawn)
Larry Craig: Here we go again...
Spine Award: John Conyers
Time For A Black Attorney General?
Congress Sets New Record: 18%
Chris Dodd: Political Death
Wiki Is Wrong
2008: Just A Matter Of Choosing A Democrat
AFL-CIO Debate
Abortion and the GOP
4000 And Counting
Where Are They Now
Wrong Questions
The Smart Democrat
July 2007

Snowjob #19387
Flash Response To Dem Debate
Minimum Wage Stupidity
Quotes From The Prince Of Darkness
C & L Opinions
Clinton's Evolving Iraq Position
Pelosi Payoff
The Smart Democrat
2007 vs. 2004
Legacy Schmegacy
Bush's Lame Excuse
Hate In The SacBee
Bush Spits On The Law Again
GOP Lauds Libby Save
Cash Campaigns
Last month recap
June 2007

Goodbye Hillary, Hello Barrack
Congressional Reaction
Secrecy At All Costs
Impeachment: Wrong Reasons
Keep In Mind: Cheney
Dems: Due To Be Fired?
Fundie Spam
Hamas Cowards?
Libby Goes To Jail
Subpoenas At Last
Letterman Kidnapper Escaped
The Sopranos Finale
Immigration Bill Fails
Justice For Libby
Justice For Paris
Is Lieberman Insane
Clarkson Doesn't Get It
Fundamentalist Islam
Albania Loves Bush
GOP Candidates: Idiots
Balance of Power Tips A Bit Further Rule of La 2, Bush 0 William Jefferson Busted
Minorities and Women Vote To Lose Rights
Religious Freedom Protected
Mitt Romney: He's Got "The Look"?
George Rekindles Cold War
May 2007

Cindy Sheehan: A True Patriot Lays Down The Torch
Iraq's Biggest Export Thanks To War: Terror
Newt vs. Rove: Who'd Have Thunk It?
Mitt Romney Snubbed For Being Mormon
Spineless Congress
Al Qaeda Funding AT All-Time High
Worthless Scumbag: Deonte Bradley
Spineless Jimmy
Jerry Falwell
George's Policy Not Working?!
The Beat Goes On
Millersville Administration Needs To Be Fired
Stephanie Miller
Bush: Staying The Course
April 2007

Timeline Redux
Spineless Traitors
Evolution At Work: Traitors
Our Soldiers
The Payback
Movie Recommendations
Bush Screws America Again
AG Smackdown
Calling Your Kid Names
Idiot Call 2
Doolittle Boomerang
Idiot Call
Sanjaya Bites The Dust
Gun Control Plus Scumbag Control
Gonzales Cracks
Virginia Tech Response
Bush Hostage Standoff Continues
Minorities In Prison
Don Imus Commits Career Suicide
Bush Taking High Ground?
Global Warming
Joe Lieberman: Traitor
American Idol
Anti-Quote Of The Month
Iranian Hostages Released
Quote Of The Month
Cheney in '08? Release?!
H1B Visa: Scourge Of U.S. Tech
Not Quite So Many Children Left Behind
U.S. Force Iran To Take Hostages?
Bush Takes Soldiers Hostage, Threatens Lives
March 2007

Did I Call It Or What?
Gonzales: Who? Me?
Hostages in Iran
Newt Crawls From Under Rock Again
Reflections On Blade Runner
MC Rove
Insult To Injury
Bully = Warmongerer?
GOP Media Idiots
The Lie That Will Hang Gonzales
Spine Award: Chuck Hagel
Navarrette: Doesn't Get It
The Little Dutch Boy
Hypocritcal Newt
The Anti-Quote
Stating The Bleeding Obvious
Congress United Against Bush
254 lbs. Seven-Year-Old
Aso: Pronounced Exactly Like You Think
Ruben Navarrette: Racist?
News Flash: Lou Dobbs Is Wrong?!
Quote of the Month
End Executive Privilege
Bush Shrills At Congress, Hides Emails
Rice Is A Liar Too
Iraq Plan Dies In Senate
I Love The Smell Of Democracy
Pentagon: Civil War? Worse.
I Love The Smell Of Democracy
Don't Tell? Don't Join!
Couey Will Die
Exuent Apache; Entre Rambo
Richard Jeni Dead
Why I'm Not A Libertarian
Libby Won't Do Time
Where In The World Is Roger Wesley Baker?
Religion May Be Harmful To Your Health
Coulter: Fund Raising For Democrats
CPAC: NeoCon Revival
Brownback: Bringing Back The Hangar
February 2007

Clinton: Not Apologetic
George The Murdering Elitist
Obama Announces
Code 46
Coulter: DNA Test Soon?
Bush: Hates Big Bird
DoD: Bush Lied
Democrats: The Gutless Party
Bush Hates Law Enforcement
Secret Service
Bush: Attacking America
Democrats' First 100 Hours
November 2006

My Expectations
What a Ride...
Bush: Quick, Save My Butt!
Pelosi and Bush Meet For Lunch
Presidential Race -- ?!

Election 2006
Election play-by-play
Bush addresses small business owners
Ted Haggard's fall from grace
Clinton's efforts to prevent a 9/11
Bush slanders Kerry
Poll effect theory
Missing news story: Troops killed in munitions explosion
Bill O'Reilly smack down
Bill O'Reilly smack down II
Brian Bilbray investigation
PNAC explained
One in forty Iraqi civilians dead
Chris Shay: "Rape isn't torture"
GOP helping telecomms rip you off
Bush pooh-poohs the Iraqi civilian death toll
Bush's ratings
Richard Pombo exposed
Stupid-head Republicans
Hastert condones sexual harrassment
Bush's crimes enumerated
EXPECTATIONS (continued)
September 2006

Disappointed in Oliver Stone
NIE Smack Down
Clinton Smack Down
Gay Marriage Ban
Jesus Votes
Irving Stone Reconsidered
Bin Laden Dies Free?
Salon: Unconstitutional
Women For Good
If Things Go Badly
Tearing Down The Constitution
Congress:Raises For Them, Ashes For You
Signing Statements: One HUGE Loophole
Bush Speak: Ducking Detainee Questions
Air Force Chief: Test Weapons On Citizens
Thought For The Day
Disney Slanders Clintons
The South Is Rising Again
Voting For A Psychic?
Diebolds Are Designed For Cheating
Afghanistan General Calls For Help
August 2006

War: Civil or Not?
Money-Blinded Repubs For War
Cynthia McKinney's Off-Key Demise
Illegals Demand Jobs
Dixie Chicks On The Rise
Bush's Energy Policy Sucks
Homeland Security: Not So Much
Lieberman Loses, Dems Win
9/11: Conspiracy Theorists
Idiot Check: Scott Stantis
Mel Gibson: Racist
China: Threatening Canada
July 2006

Bush Finally Acknowledges the NAACP
Why Iraq And Not Lebanon?
Bush: Ignorance Prompts First Veto
Still In Love With the MFFB
Bush: Fiddling While Middle East Burns
Bush: Not Southern
Hawking's Question
Ken Lay: Dodging Prison the Hard Way
Bush: Wrong and Hated
Bush: Blowing Sunshine
Site Notes
June 2006

Impeachment vs. Ignorance
Guantanamo: High Court Refuses Bush
Letters: Flag Burning
Homophobia: Republican Desparation
Homophobia: The New Racism
Haditha: And?
Robert Redford: Environmentalist
May 2006

Impeachment Day's A-Comin'
Power Mad
High School Exit Exams
Stupidity in Money
Senate Plan For Amnesty: EXPENSIVE!
Constitutional Rights: Citizens Only
The Illegal Immigrants Bill Of Rights
Republican Playbook: Hate And Division
Dixie Chicks: Real Americans
Taliban: The Comeback Kid
William Jefferson: Crook
Vicente Fox in Utah
Ann Coulter: Simple Minded Whackjob
Second Amendment Whackjob
Immigration: It's The Law, Stupid
Rummy: Plenty of Guard To Go Around
Black Jack: Government In Your Bedroom
Iran: Insane
NSA Wire Tapping Dog And Pony Show
Mexico And Brazil: Run By Gangs
April 2006

The Decider And Divider
Gas: Bush Thinks You're Stupid
Impeachment: Ruminations
Impeachment Day Is Coming
Censure: Too Little Too Early
Bush: Ignore The People
Harry Taylor: Hero and Patriot
Bush: The Hypocrite In Chief
Cynthia McKinney: Sorry!
The Republican Booth
Cynthia McKinney: Too Good For Security
Tom DeLay: Bye Bye, Jerkweed
Global Warming
Immigration: Illegal vs. Legal
Moussaoui: Let Him Rot
Tom Cruise: Poor Katie
Black Jack: Marital Discrimination
March 2006

Bush = Carter?
Bush, Sr.
Bush Administration: Thieves
Milosevich is Dead
President Is Worried About... UAE
Porous Borders
CNN Predicting NASA Doom?
A Catholic-Only U.S. Town
President Knew Katrina Would Be Bad
Prostitution Numbers In Chicago
Senate GOP: Against Your Civil Liberties
Other Patriot Act Dingleberries
Blair: Embarrassed Apologist
February 2006

White House Selling Ports To Highest Bidder
South Dakota: Leading The Charge To The Stone Age
Bush is a Liar: Don't Take My Word For It
PC Equals Respect
Bush: The List of Failures Grows
Bush: Confused Again
What Civil War?
Hate [D]Evolves
The Scumbag Wins
What I Would Do If I Were President: Part III
Alito: A Big First Test
Bush: Protecting Saudi Interests
The U.N. vs. Gitmo
Alberto Gonzales: Just Not Getting It
Islam: No Moral Perspective?
State Of The Union: More Lies
Cindy Sheehan: What First Amendment?
J. C. Watts: NeoCon Suck-Up
January 2006

Bush: Failed vs. Failure
FEMA: Money To Burn
WARNING: Filibuster or Else
Defenders of the Constitution
Bush + Abramoff = True Love
Kerry: So Close, Yet So Far
And Now For Something Entirely Different
Karl Rove: The World Inside His Mind
Writing Letters
CNN: Butt-Kissing The NeoCons
Cheney: I Spy Or You Die
What I Would Do If I Were President: Part II
Gore in 2008
Kerry: Gore & Clinton
Ray Nagin: Foot In Mouth
Lindsey Graham: Soapbox CYA
Alito: Dissembling
Alito: Separation of Powers
Alito: Wiretaps
Alito: Law over Justice
Alito: Elitist AND Bigot
Christian vs. CHRISTian
Bush: Preparing For A Power Grab?
War. What Is It Good For?
Americans Against Civil Liberties
Jack Abramoff
Samuel Alito: Anti-Constitution Court Stacking
Pat Robertson: Moron
December 2005

Cheney: Dictator In The Making
ANWR Drilling Killed
Jose Padilla: The Fly In The Ointment
Bush: The Spy Within The White House
Bush: Spy vs. Himself
Bush: Hard-Headed Spy
Bush: The Spy Who Screwed You
Bush: The Elitist Spy
Bush: The Monkey-Faced Spy
Bush Spied On You
What I Would Do If I Were President
Logitech Complaint
Hillary Clinton: Flag Burning
Patriot Act: Defeatable
Iraq: What Is Victory?
Novak: Bush Knows Who Leaked
Bush: Responsible For Nothing
Jerk Lifetime Achievement Award: Zell Miller
Kyoto in Montreal: Of Bullies And Saints
Patriot Act: House vs. Senate
Dean vs. Clinton
Clinton vs. Bush
Christmas vs. Holidays
Kansas: Educational Civil War Part II
Ann Coulter: Plagiarist?
November 2005

Kansas: Educational Civil War
Thinker Award: Paul Mirecki
Globalization And You
John Murtha: Good Intentions
Bob Woodward: Aiding and Abetting a Traitor
Dick Cheney: Evil Sack of Crap
Spine Award: John Conyers
Bush: Anti-Anti-War Campaign Begins
Michael Savage: Bigotted Jackass
The Bush Factor
White House Preparing To "Hit Back"
Quote of the Day
Kansas: Dumb As A Rock
Is Torture Ever Right?
"The Apprentice", by Irving Lewis Liebowitz
Ahnold: Cursed Either Way
The Governator Outguns Himself
October 2005

Samuel Alito Summarized
Activist Judges: Harriet Miers
Libby Out, Rove Sweating
2000 And Counting
World Series
Rosa Parks vs. Cindy Sheehan
Bush and Iraq: The Timeline Series
Closing the Borders
10 Billion "Lost"
New Orleans
June 2005

Put Your Opinion On Your Chest
Activist Judge Appointed: Janice Rogers Brown
Sell-Out Award: Ben Nelson
Bush and Iraq: The Timeline Series
Russell Crowe: Spoiled Brat
May 2005

Dave Campbell: Exposing Jerks
Donald Trump: Sensible Patriotism
Robert Wexler: 3.2% Shy Of The Mark
Vicente Fox: Social Terrorist and Racist
Newsweek: Weakly News
Democrats Finally Speak Up: The UK Memo
Journalist Corruption Award: Rupert Murdoch
Journalist Corruption Award: Sinclair Broadcasting
Social Security: The Fix
Amateur Night At The White House
North Korea: Losing Track Of The Lies
Evil in Zion
Lost Prediction
April 2005

Bush's Judicial Nominations
Bushspeak: Energy Initiatives = Destroying Your Children's Environment
Bush: Defending DeLay
Observation: Republicans
Quote Of The Month
The Ultimate Presidential Candidate(s)
Tom DeLay: Dead Man Talking
Bolton: Madman?
There are no WMDs in Iraq
Letters to the Editors: Filibuster Rules Change
Where In The World Is Roger Baker?
George Tenet: Caught With His Pants Down
Gag Award: Phyllis Schlafly
Bush Administration: CIA Tricked Us!
Terri Schiavo
Doctor Assisted Suicide
Pope John Paul II
Nostradamos: The Black Pope
March 2005

Illegal Immigration
Dan Rather
Bankruptcy Law
The Award Shows
Quote Of The Month
Bad Idea: Raising Social Security Benefits Age
"I'm A Moron Bumper Sticker"
CNNs Most Popular
Election 2008: Musings
Social Security
Support The Troops: Protest The War
Letters To The Editor: Stupid Is As Stupid Writes
Countdown To Syrian War
February 2005

Support The Troops: Protest the War
Bush Cartoon #3
The Grammys
ChoicePoint: Identity Theft Without Choice
Class Action Unfairness Act
Countdown To Korean War II
Countdown To Iran War
Charles and Camilla
Paul Abdul: Yowza
Bush Cartoon #2
Another Teacher Pedophile
January 2005

Bush: The Truth About The Neo-Con Point Man?
Election 2008: Predicting the Future
A Complete Lack of Manhood
Bush: Admitting He's Stupid?
Iran Responds
Rice Gets Cooked
Water to Wine: Rocks Into Tourist Attraction
The Spine Award For Telling The Truth
Please Do Not Assassinate the President
Fox News, Fair And Balanced: In A Pig's Eye
Kraft's Brains Fall Out
2005: A New Year
Target 2005: Iran
Georgia Schools Forced To Remove Creationist Stickers
DNC: They Still Don't Get It
Medical Marijuana
Tsunami Aid: Here's Our Spare Change
Hyugens Lands On Titan
Prince Adolf
October 2004

There are no WMDs
Bush: The Truth About The Neo-Con Point Man?
Election 2008: Predicting the Future
A Complete Lack of Manhood
Iran Responds
Rice Gets Cooked
Water to Wine: Rocks Into Tourist Attraction
The Spine Award For Telling The Truth
Please Do Not Assassinate the President
Fox News, Fair And Balanced: In A Pig's Eye
Kraft's Brains Fall Out
2005: A New Year
Target 2005: Iran
Georgia Schools Forced To Remove Creationist Stickers
DNC: They Still Don't Get It
Medical Marijuana
Tsunami Aid: Here's Our Spare Change
Hyugens Lands On Titan
Prince Adolf
November 2004

Election 2008: Preparation
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Watch
Bin Laden: How to Catch a Weasel
Defining Terms: Insurgent
Russia Arms Against U.S.
Kerry in 2008? Oh, pleez...
Colin Powell
Election 2004: Deconstruction
October 2004

Election 2004: Countdown (2)
Election 2004: Countdown (1)
Election 2004: George Bush is Dangerous
September 2004

Election 2004: Qoutes and Rebuttals
Election 2004: Your Weakening Constitution
Todd's Qoute Of The Day
August 2004

Bush: Competition for Nostradamus?
Gasoline Prices Going Up To Stay
Talk Radio, Central Valley California
Osama bin Laden
Election 2004
Election 2004: Bush Platform Translation
Cool Web Site Of The Year
February 2004

Rosie and Michael
Mary Cheney: Dick's Lesbian Daughter
Todd's Quote For The Day
Bush: Discrimination Is Good
Free Parking
Ralph Nader: Republican Flak Man
Quotable Quotes
Thoughts For The Day
Ralph Nader, Stay Away!
Gay Marriage: The Horror!
A Hole In The Army Of One
The Army: A Great Dental Plan Too!
Bush: National Guard, Invisible Division
The Moon, But No Telescopes
Kerry, Kerry, He's Our Man!
Cool Web Site Of The Year
January 2004

The Sorry State of the Union
Spine Award: Ted Kennedy
Cool Web Site Of The Year
December 2003

Saddam Found
Logic: Dean Was Against The War
Savemart Sucks
Nathaniel Jones: Natural Selection In Action
And Now: Survival Tips For Dummies!
Bush: Cheerleader, Not True Leader
FSU Dominates UF
Cool Web Site Of The Year
November 2003

Massachusetts Court Strikes Down Anti-Gay Marriage Law
Michael Jackson
Short men tend to be Republican
Babysitting moms in Florida penalized for not having child care licenses
Donkey Bombs in Iraq
Bush's Energy Bill D.O.A.
George W. Bush: Enemy Of The Constitution
Scott Peterson: Retracting the Retraction
Christian Slater: Victim
John Edwards: Whiner
Tips For Democratic Candidates
Tech Jobs
Scott Stantis: Republican To A Fault
Bush: Soon To Be Unemployed?
Democrats Get Political?
George W. Bush Jr.s Resume
October 2003

Teenage Catholic Ninja Girls
George W. Bush, Jr.: Ok, So He's Evil *And* Stupid
California Recall Election: Redux
George W. Bush, Jr.: He's Not Stupid; He's Evil
California Recall Election: Predictions

California Recall Election: Predictions
Do Not Call List
Kennedy: Spine To Spare
Bush: Impeach Him
California Recall Election: Darrell Issa
California Recall Election: ACLU
Bush: Liar
The Un-News
Johnny Depp: Woosy Boy
California Recall Election
August 2003

The Valley Of Death: Zimbabwe
Dominic Akers: Nuke Him!
WMDs: Heeere Nukey, Nukey, Nukey...
July 2003

Republicans At Their Worst
WMDs: The New Waldo
June 2003

WMDs: The Search Goes On
Political Pluralism
Tony Blair: Duped
The French Gang Up On One Woman
May 2003

WMDs: The Search Goes On
Save The Oreo!!
The Grand Hunt
English Lessons
Avril Lavigne: Critique
April 2003

The Grand Hunt
Tony Perkins: Homophone
Tony Perkins: Support Of The Rich
Tony Perkins: Spammer
Rick Santorum: Homophobe
Baghdad Bob
The Fall of Saddam
Iraqi Museum: Blame Your Own
Kim Jong Il: Psychopath
Cuba: The Lastest Member Of The Axis Of Evil?
An Open Letter To Indonesia
Funny Quote Of The Day: Tyson
Cuba: Iron Grip Strained
James Woolsey: Warmonger Alert!
Kerry: Funny Quote
Burlingame's Yellow Ribbons
March 2003

Roman Polansi
Honey, Do NOT Read This
Honey: Update
A Win For Our Grandchildren
The Brink
The Dixie Chicks Get Burned
ICC Open For Business
The Parable Of The Wasps
Supporting Bush
Kim Jong Il: Inferiority Complex
No Civil Rights At Crossgates Mall
Bin Laden: The Big Fish That Got Away
February 2003

Bush: Blind, Deaf, Dumb -- And He Can't Hear Either
America's Changing Self-Image
NASA: Space Pork -- It's Yummy!
Patron Saint Of The Internet
Microsoft: Hell Almost Froze Over
Bush: A Tragic Appointment
Rob's Differing Opinion
NASA: The Step That Was Missing
January 2003

Bush: Going For The Easier Target
Rumsfield: Warmongering Jackass
Guns: There for the Taking
Why I Hate Oakland
Bush Stimulus
Eminem Up For A Grammy? WHAT?
Governor Ryan: Death Row Inmates' Best Friend
The Homeland InSecurity Bill
The 49'ers Handed A Win
I Know My Name Is...
July 2002

Israel vs. Palestinians
The Pledge of Allegiance
ACLU vs. Georgia
The Pot Calling The Kettle Black: Bush
Slavery and Prison Work Forces
The United States of America: 226 and Looking Good!
U.S. Planning Attack on Iraq: Stupidity 101
Goodbye Bill Maher, "PI"
Van Houten vs. California
Mental Retardation as an Excuse

November 2001

China is Flying to the Moon
Bush: Killing Us Softly With His Idiocy...Part IV

October 2001

Bush: Killing Us Softly With His Idiocy...Part IV

September 2001

September 11th, 2001: WAR!
Bush: Killing Us Softly With His Idiocy...Part III
Bush Needs To Clean Up His Act

August 2001

Bush: Killing Us Softly With His Idiocy...Part II
Katherine Harris Covering Up!
Israel vs. Palestine
Electoral College
MTV's Real World: Rampant Racism

May 2001

Bush: Killing Us Softly With His Idiocy
Electoral College
Darryl Strawberry
Robert Downey, Jr.
Charlton Heston

April 2001

Bush: The First 100 Days... Of Hell
Electoral College
Bush vs. California

August 2000

Lara Croft Designer Gets 18 Months
Darva Conger in Playboy
Cathleen Ladensack
GOP Convention

May 2000

Elian Gonzalez
Million Mom March
Paula Jones in Penthouse
Microsoft - Impudent Child
Davis - Semi-Useful Suck-Up

February 2000

No on Knight
Borland in Flames

January 2000

X-File & Millenium
Election '00
Microsoft in Flames
NASA Needs a Good Slap in the Face
Elian Gonzalez

December 1999

Same Sex Marriage
Campaign Finance Reform
The Millenium

October 1999

Jesse Ventura's Playboy Layout
Medical Insurance Reform

June 1999

First Amendment Assailed Via Gun Bill
Microsoft Declares Itself A Monopoly
Al Gore, Religion, & Government
Internet Regulation and Deregulation
Tianenmen Square

May 1999

Slobodan Milosevic Indicted
Texas Police, 33 Bullets, And An Innocent Man
Al Gore's Spine
The NRA and Columbine High School
NATO Hits Chinese Embassy in Yugoslavia
NATO Charged With War Crimes By Slo
Gas Prices
Christian Reconstructionists

April 1999

NATO Bombs Yugoslavian Television
April 20th, 1999, Columbine High School
Write Yugoslavia
U.S. vs Yugoslavia - Foes or Business Partners??
The Alternative
Arming the Kosovars
The Tab
Gas Prices
Saving Private Ryan
What Dreams May Come
Cher's Upper Lip
Free Condoms On High School Campuses

February 1999

Eye For An Eye In Texas
1998 Recap
The Impeachment Trial

December 1998

William Jefferson Clinton
South Carolina + Microsoft = Rich Politicians
Iraq (12/1/98)
Bill & Hillary (12/1)
Dr. Kevorkian
Microsoft Goes Limp

September 1998

I'm Back...
Hostages in Panama
The Slut and Monica Lewinski
Hillary - SuperWoman or StupidWoman?
New Product Line
It Still Applies

May 1998

Hostages in Panama
Latrell Sprewell, Racist Thug
India's Nukes
Microsoft vs. Joe Public

April 1998

Happy Birthday to the OOTM
Hostages in Panama
Insanity and the Death Penalty
Paula Jones

March 1998

Saddam Hussein: World's Biggest Jerk
Hillary Clinton

February 1998

Surprise, Surprise (Mary Kay LeTourneau)
Kenneth Starr: Special Counsel Out Of Control
Saddam Hussein: A Great Solution

January 1998

Kenneth Starr: A Man with an Agenda
Saddam Hussein

December 1997

Latrell Sprewell
Same Sex Sexual Harrassment

November 1997

The 6th Grade Teacher Who Loved, Not Wisely, But Too Well
Bill Gates vs. The World
Spare the Rod...
The White House Tea Tapes
Paula Jones' Sexual History

October 1997

The Homeless vs. Our Kids
Commuter Lanes

July 1997

Carol O'Connor's Libel Suit
Westboro Baptist Church and Versace

June 30th, 1997

Mike Tyson

June 19th, 1997

Southern Baptists and Disney World
Apology To Blacks For Slavery

June 11th, 1997

Megan's Law
Elmer Geronimo Pratt Goes Free -- And Is Retried?!

April 25th, 1997

Asinine URL O'The Day: "God Hates Fags"

April 11th, 1997

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA)

March 20th, 1997

Nuclear Waste
The Minority Party

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