Subject: 97 FORD RANGER 4x4 CRAP

I have a 97 Ford Ranger 4x4 and have had the transmission replaced once
already. It only had 29000 miles on it when it was replaced. 10,000 miles
later, I'm having the same problem and symptoms and the Ford dealer just gives
me the run around, saying there is nothing wrong with it. I've taken the truck
it three times and nothing seems to be done about it. The problems are
inconsistent and I never know when it going to crap on me. I'm sure if that
happens Ford won't back me up. It also has some other inconsistent problems
that are really annoying. I've been a Ford fan for a while, but with the
problems I'm having I'm starting to think Ford can't backup there crappy
products.  I really am disappointed with FMC and and am starting to think

Thanks for letting me blow off some steam.


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