Mon, 8 Aug 2005 06:11:57 EDT

I purchased a 2000 Ford Focus in Feb. Of 2000 and it has been the  worst car 
I have ever owned. It had so many recalls on it that you couldn't up  all the 
paper work. I traded the 2000 Ford Focus in and got a 2002 Ford  Focus 
thinking it would be a better car because of all the problems I was  having with the 
2000 Ford Focus.  I thought  Ford would have  made sure the later model 
wouldn't have any problems. "It is  completely a lemon". I have a new car that I'm  
paying  payments on and I can't even go out of town with it in fear of it 
breaking  down.  I have all the documentation on all the repairs I have had on  
the car and more repairs  still has to be done.It has  caused me undue stress . 
The battery cables were bad which  keep making the battery corroded and the 
car unable to start. my car has been  towed  6 times since January. My passenger 
side door don't always  unlock when i unlock my doors plus the door is 
sometimes hard to open. I have  had two wheel alignment in the last four months and 
my car is still pulling to  one side. my ignition switch has lock up on me 
before which was fix but now,  it's doing it again, my car has stall on my a few 
times, my gauges sometimes go  haywire's when I'm driving it also starts to 
hesitate and jerk around, the  dealership haven't found a problem yet? I may not 
know the correct terms to what  my car is doing but I do know when something 
is not going right. The  Ford Focus is JUST NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!  There was a loud 
 noise coming from the front right side of the car which I brought to the  
dealership twice and the said nothing was wrong so I brought it to another  
dealership and the problem was fix but it looks like I'm keep having one problem  
after another. I always take my car to the shop but sometimes the dealership  
have to keep my car for 2 to 6 days which leaves me car less cause they don't  
want to give you a rental car. Some ford dealerships will do a  diagnostics 
tests on it and found nothing wrong. My car only has  34,000 miles on it and 
it's a 2002 Focus, I brought it in Aug. 2002. You  pay a car note and have to 
pay for rentals cars or use someone else car. I  feel Ford knows there are many 
defects on this vehicle and are not willing to  replace until someone dies. I 

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