Subject: Ford Escort 99
Date:    7/18/2000

Hi Todd,

Inspired buy your very informative web page and just finishing a phone call
with Ford Motor Customer Service. I thought maybe you could share some of
your knowledge with me about complaining to Ford.  Like you I have become
very disappointed with Ford products, I am currently leasing a 99 Escort
ZX2 and have just been informed that I will need to replace my
transmission.  This comes to me after I decided to get a second opinion
from another dealership, because the first one told me that the "rough
running" of my vehicle was just normal. My thought - Oh so what your saying
is that I was suckered into leasing a very low quality car?

Now throughout my lease term I have been to Ford dealerships various times
for other problems of my concern, now to say the least the majority of the
service departments had treated me fairly well.  My newest and major
concern today is "Why has the quality of my vehicle depreciated so greatly
in the short time that I have leased the vehicle?" and "if my year and half
old vehicle has to have it's transmission replaced today, what will I have
to replace tomorrow when my warranty runs out?"  I voiced this particular
concern to Ford Motor Customer Service today and this was their reply and
the options they offered:

Well what I can do for you today would be to document your phone call as a
"formal concern", this will help to improve the quality of our future
service and products.  Sorry but we can't really solve a potential concern
like the one you have described until it actually happens.
        - That's great but what about my present day problem with this particular
low quality vehicle that Ford leased me.  In my opinion my problem is
actually the vehicle itself.

If you worried about repairs to your vehicle after the warranty runs out
you can always get an extended warranty we have several  packages to choose
from, or you can always apply for Fords Financial assistance if you need
repairs made.
        - It blows me away that she suggests I even consider getting an extended
warranty or possible financial assistance for a my year and a half old vehicle.

I decided to end the conversation with that customer service rep and
requested to speak with her supervisor.  At that time I was told she must
first recommend that the supervisor look over my file then after 3-5
business days the supervisor will contact me.  She explained that the
supervisor will just basically reiterate the same story to me.  I told her
to go ahead with the recommendation anyway.

With your know of dealing with Ford is there any advice that you can offer
to me in my current situation.  Besides the obvious "don't deal with Ford
again".  I'm afraid I'll be stuck paying for repairs shortly after my
warranty runs out, and why would I buy extended warranty for a vehicle that
I am already unhappy with, right?  I do believe that you are from the US, I
for one am located in Canada, seems that doesn't make a difference to Ford,
they send their low quality vehicles all over the continent.

Once again thanks for putting out the information that you have on you web
page it is very informative.  You probably have a lot on the go for
yourself so please get back to me at you convenience.

Another Ford victim,

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