faulty car

Thu, 30 Sep 2004 16:05:03 EDT

I purchased a brand new ford fiesta zetec in May 2003.  Every since  day one 
the car has been absolute nightmare and death trap.  
Air Conditioning - The car was only one month old when the car first had to  
go back to the dealer, water from the air-conditioning unit was leaking into 
the  footwells and the windscreen kept freezing whilst we were driving it.  The 
 car was took in a total of three time spending over one in repair for the 
same  fault.  Not bad to say it was only four months old and it had already 
spent  one month in repair.  This wasn't the only problem though the attitude we  
received from the service centre was also appalling, they told us that 'they  
were reluctant to take the dashboard to get to the air conditioning unit as it 
 causes more problems" which is why it went back three times and which is why 
it  had spent one month in repair.  After numerous phones to them they  
finally agreed to replace the air-conditioning.
The next fault that occurred next is the most serious and most  distressing.  
We were driving the car and everything failed at once  (including brakes and 
steering) whilst we were still in motion.  Lucky for  us we had just pulled 
onto a fairly quiet street when it happened  and just had to wait for the car to 
come to a standstill on its own,  in the end partly mounting a kerb.  Also 
lucky for us no other  roadusers or pedestrians were nearby as we had no means 
of stopping.  We  phoned the dealership back in very shocked state and they 
told us that we would  have to get the car to them but not to drive it over 20 
miles an hour as the  fault was an EAC Fail.  What kind a way is that to treat 
your customers  when they have just risked their own life's and others because 
of a fault on  their car. When the car was taken back in we stressed that this 
fault was  unexceptable and it was quiet worrying Ford assured us that it 
would not happen  again.  But only one month ago the fault happened again this 
time we  narrowly missed another car and ended up on the wrong side of the road 
as  we had just turned a corner when it failed and could not steer it  back. 

Before the second EAC the car had been in repair for a further two problems  
which were not serious but neither the less disappointing.  To  sum it up my 
car is 16 months old but has spent over 3 of these months  in repair.  
Having no more trust and having lost all faith in the car I have been in  
contact with Ford Customer Service, Ford Credit and the Dealer themselves.   I 
have also expressed that I no longer wish to drive the car as I think it is a  
danger not only to me but to other, i have also started legal proceedings as  
none of the above have been of any use.
In the time we have been told 'don't you think we have wasted enough  time on 
your car," "what is all the fuss about the parts are guaranteed"  and been 
told that they will take us out of our current car if we pay  them a lump sum 
and more on our monthly payments.  Because in there  eyes they have once again 
fixed the car and they don't think it will  do it again.  What a great way to 
treat you customers.  They  are not interested in the way we have been treated 
or the stress we have been  put through or seem to understand that we have 
been left with a car we no longer  want to drive.  They have also shown no 
consideration to the fact we have  risked our life twice and are not prepared to do 
it a third  time. 

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