2004 Ford Explorer

Mon, 7 May 2007 15:03:11 -0400

I bought a 2004 Ford Explorer from my company after driving for 2 years as
my company vehicle. Of course during those 2 years no problems, but as soon
as I buy the vehicle the transmission goes at 45K miles to the tune of
$3500.00. The internet is loaded with 2004 Explorer transmission problems
and the dealer tells me they have been inundated with these problems, but
unfortunately there is nothing they can do because Ford refused to do a

Now my wife called me today and said that after having Ford check the rear
brakes (car has 70K miles now, mostly highway) they tell me that when they
do the rear brakes for $275.00, which is OK and I can live with that as
expected wear, but they tell me they have to change out the emergency brake
shoes for the same amount because of a bad design by Ford that causes the E
brake to wear out from heat or some other ridiculous reason. I will never,
ever by a Ford again. Did I say never!


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