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This site is dedicated to carrying the horror stories of people who feel they've been burned by a car company with more than enough resources and experience to create a quality automobile and provide friendly, helpful, and fair service. This site allows consumers to lodge their complaints in a public forum to serve as an advisory, if not an outright warning, to those who would invest their hard-earned cash expecting a vehicle which will run well and last for many years and, falling short of that simple standard, also expecting that the car manufacturer will stand by its products with reasonable service.

The stories on this page also serve to warn other consumers of dealerships that use less than ethical tactics when selling and servicing vehicles. While used car dealerships are independent of the Ford Corporation, Ford dealerships are not entirely independent and could be regulated more thoroughly by the Ford Corporation. In this aspect as well, it would seem that Ford is uninterested in the plight of the consumer when dealing with disreputable and unethical dealerships.

This page has been up for 9 years and currently averages over 150,000 hits a month (our record was 187,380 hits and 12,883 unique visitors in July of 2005), and in that time no one from the Ford Corporation has contacted me to remedy the problems. I have had one dealership write asking to be put in touch with a consumer. One. For a company that wants us to believe that "Quality is Job #1," I find the reality to be that Ford's priorities are skewed more in the direction of getting the consumer's money, and then keeping the consumer's money, with no effort spent on creating and maintaining consumer confidence outside of flashy advertisements.

If you have a story you'd like to share about your experiences with Ford, please feel free to write me. I may add it to my site (removing information that directly identifies the writer, of course), although it may take a while for your letter to appear. I keep all the original messages that get added to this site so that, in the event that Ford or a dealership decides to contact the author of the message, I can provide that information after first contacting the author for permission. I want consumers to feel that they can express whatever advice or outrage they want to convey without exposing themselves to personal attacks and spam.

Latest News
NHTSA released the results of its 2005 crash tests, and the Ford Ranger compact pickup and its sister vehicle, the Mazda B-series, received relatively low ratings for the risk of a rollover.

The 4-wheel drive versions were given two stars out of a possible five, equating to a 30 to 40 percent chance of a rollover accident. The 2-wheel drive models of those pickups got only three-star rating, equal to a 20 to 30 percent chance of the vehicle rolling over in a single-vehicle crash.

The rankings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave The 2005 models of the Toyota Tacoma and the Dodge Dakota the top safety ratings in both front and side crash tests, the government reported Wednesday, while the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra got the lowest ratings.

Ford has settled the Chamberlain class action suit, effective 12/6/2005 and good for 90 days. The settlement requires the replacement of plastic intake manifolds on a number of models. Contact your Ford dealership to see if this suit applies to you.

Ford has finally admitted there is a severe problem with their cruise control units following a large number of under-the-hood fires. The cruise control modules are defective on their "F" series trucks, Expeditions, and Navigators. Nearly 800,000 vehicles are affected by the current recall.

Symptoms of the problem include:

  • The cruise control stops working
  • Dash lights indicate that the cruise control is activated even when it's off
  • The vehicle won't come out of park
  • There's a blown fuse for the cruise control
  • The brake lights stop working
  • Ford's instructions to mechanics at this time are to simply disable the cruise control. A second notification will go out when new switches become available. In other words, until they can allocate the money in their budget to fix the problem, they're just going to shut off a feature that Ford owners paid for. To me that just smacks of liability reduction without compensation.

    What's interesting is that there are several models that use the SAME CRUISE CONTROL MODULE but are not covered under Ford's recall. Ford claims there's no evidence of any danger of fire in those vehicles. I'm sure you can guess how much stock I put in Ford's assessment. Based on past results, Ford will put money before lives in deciding what to recall and what not to recall. Since this is a voluntary recall, Ford gets to pick what action they will take. That makes me highly suspicious that Ford is voluntarily recalling their vehicles in order to avoid a much larger federally mandated recall. The result of which is that Ford is going to leave thousands of defective cruise control modules in circulation until the evidence of fire hazard is undeniable. Once deniability is lost and NHTSA starts to grumble, Ford will act.

    Last updated April 6th, 2005
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