2004 f-150

Tue, 19 Jul 2005 15:48:18 EDT

heres one for all started with toby kieth and my my wife and i purchased a brand new f-150 lariet last year and the 
problems started at 1700 miles with ford having to replace my 
transmission......yes indeed! and what did they say sometimes these things happen ok i guess so 
but then something wierd started happening like the window in the rear started 
making noise no big deal i took it in and also told them i had a slight 
vibration in my steering and that the airbag light was acting funny i was told ford 
was having a problem with after all new rotors and 2 
front rims and tires and new rack and pinion steering and having the rear end 
worked on there is still a vibration needless to say we are going to arbitration 
on this truck i was told by the dealership ford would settle as of this writing 
today i was sent my papers from ford saying noooooooooooo see you in 
arbitration. i cant even sllep over all this crap. if this is built ford tough my 
lawnmower must be a rolls. 

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