Date:     5/29/2003

Hi, My name is Heather. I have a huge complaint against Ford,
especially the for dealership in Mckinney, TX. It is called Bob
Thomas Ford. I bought a new 2002 Ford Mustang from them in May
of last year. After driving the vehicle off the lot, the bottom
fell out of it. I promptly took it back and told them they had
to get me another one. Well about a week later they gave me one.
I should have known better than to go on with taking it. Well
about 4 months down the road I was driving down the interstate
going about 70 mph. The engine completely stopped and the brake
sand steering wheel went out. I had no control of the car. I
took it into the dealership in January of this year after the
problem happened about 3 more times They kept it for 3 days and
gave it back to me. Two days later it

happened again. I took it back up there and this time they kept
it for 2 months. This whole time I was paying for this vehicle
that I was not driving. They called me two months later and said
they could not duplicate the problem after driving to Oklahoma
and back. The drove it 200 hundred miles in the period of two
months, so they really did not put effort into trying to fix it.
I got it back and the same problem happened again. Well it was
April by that time and I tried to call the owner, Bob Thomas,
several times, but he would not return my calls. I finally drove
it back up there and left it until I talked to John Grubbs, the
Customer Service Rep. He then proceeded to call me at my job and
cuss me out. He called my father a liar, and cussed him out too.
Not only is my father the elder of a church, but the customer
service rep shouldn't be cussing people out. I finally got a hold
of Bob Thomas after many weks of trying, I think I caught

him off guard. He told me that my father and I had provoked John
Grubbs, and there was nothing he could do about my car. He told
me that he did not own the car, it was in my name. He took NO
responsibility for his ownership or customer satisfaction. This
took me by surprise since he was the owner. They traded me UPSIDE
down to a camero, because they said that was all they could do.
Bob Thomas was the rudest person I had ever talked to in my
entire life. He has no respect ar concern for his customers well
being. he said all he could do was put me back in the Mustang
with a chip to catch the glitch. I told him that it would do me
know good if I got killed in a car wreck. He said that it was all
he could do, and provided no assistance to me whatsoever, but
screwing me on another deal from him. This makes me never want
to buy another ford again. If you have any questions, let me know
and I will talk to you more about the situation. My e-mail is
(deleted -- please send correspondence to
and I'll forward them on)

Thank you for listening to my story.

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