Subject: 		   2000 Ford Ranger Supercab 4X4 Off-Road
                           Pick Up Truck
Current Mileage:	   56,000 miles
Vehicle Id #:		   (edited)
Buyer:			   John C.
Dealership Purchased From: Stoneham Ford
Dealership Address:	   185 Main St.
			   Stoneham, Ma. 02180
			   (781) 438.0490
Dealership Contact:	   Mark Melkonian


In July of 2000 I decided to purchase another new Ford Ranger
for my previous 1993 Ranger had served me well over the past 7
years. I bought a brand new Ford Ranger Supercab 4X4 with the
off-road package for $19,200.00 from the sales person - Mike

One month later I noticed that when traveling over 50 mph a loud
ringing noise would appear from the middle of the cab. The truck
was returned to Stoneham Ford and Joe the main mechanic
suggested to drive the vehicle for ~2,500 miles because
"sometimes these things happen."

Returned again after driving over the suggested amount and was
told that this is a problem and Ford has not addressed. This is
what the dealership also deemed as "normal operating sound." I
was very disappointed and returned yet again to speak with the
manager Pete Carroll. Stoneham Ford took the truck in and wound
up replacing the transfer case. I picked up the truck and
started to drive home when all of a sudden the noise appeared
just like it had before.

Took another trip to the dealership (late for work = lost money)
and stated my problem (again).  Stoneham Ford set up an appointment
for me to return back to the dealership (more wasted time and lost
wages) to have the vehicle checked out.  Stoneham Ford replaced the
transfer case for a second time and the result was the same.

At this point I contacted Ford Headquarters and spoke to a
representative, she called Stoneham Ford and spoke with the
manager Mark Melkonian. Stoneham Ford asked that I bring the
vehicle in AGAIN and take one of the mechanics for a test ride.
This was done, the noise was again identified, and I was told
that all of the Ford Rangers make this loud, irritating noise
and nothing can be done about it. The vehicle's warranty has
expired (over the 36,000 mile warranty) and for a truck that
just recently became two years the problem list is huge.

I asked Peter Carroll if I could trade the vehicle in at a
reasonably price and he never responded.

Presently, the vehicle is in the shop because the Leaf Springs
let go on September 18th. I can not and will not sell the truck
privately, not only because of the loud ringing noise but the
truck is an absolute LEMON! I would not want any person to go
through what I have over the past two years.

Ford has forgotten me as soon as the 36,000 mile figure appeared
on the odometer. What do I do know?

The truck has been brought back to Stoneham Ford about 10 times
and each time their customer service worsens (if that is
possible). I am a quality engineer and have asked Ford
Headquarters for documentation on the 2000 Ford Ranger (FMEA,
DOE, etc) and my request was not received well.

The following items have been replaced or have performed poorly:

Item:		  Solution:

Supercab Windows  After bringing to the dealership three times
                  they finally replaced the Windows. The exterior
                  rubber gaskets delaminated and all of the black
                  coating peeled off.
Ball joints	  Replaced with only 45,000 miles on the vehicle
Rear Springs	  Replaced, rusted, ~50K miles on vehicle
Leaf Springs	  Occurred 9/18, truck in shop at the present time
                  (cost will be ~$400)
Brakes		  Replaced twice
Driver's Seat	  Returned three times for same problem, loud
                  squeaking noise-exists
Passenger Door	  Handle rattles since day one-Ford wants $800.00
                  to replace entire door
Arm Rest	  Inside arm rest notch snapped off
Front Axle	  Front axle constantly whistles - Stoneham Ford
                  denies this
A/C Chirping	  When engaged the A/C chirps while cycling.
                  Dealer "all do this."
Serpentine Belt	  Have replaced the belt twice
Squealing Noise	  When the engine is started on a cool, moist day
                  the engine/belts whine
Tire recall	  Only replaced the four Firestone recalled
                  tires/spare was not changed

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