Subject: 2001 Ford Explorer Sport
Date: 8/5/2002

Hi! Before I go into my long saga, I would like to thank you for creating and maintaining this website! It's a great comfort to know that I am not the only one out there with Ford problems, not specific to my car. May 18, 2000 - The day I drove off the lot with my brand new leased Ford Explorer Sport. Keep in mind, I loved my Honda Civic, never had a days worth of problems for 80,000+ miles, but a friend loved his Explorer and convinced me to get one. * First things first, I notice I don't have the running boards I'm supposed to, so I call my sales rep and he said I was definitely supposed to have them and he would work on it for me. * After two weeks of stalling, my sales rep picked up my car from my work and went to have the boards installed. Returned my truck later that day without them, stating the dealer did not have the parts in stock yet because it was a revised model for 2001. My question is this - why did he come to pick up my car in the first place if he knew the dealer didn't have the parts! * 4 weeks later the sales rep came to pick up my car again, same problem. Returned my truck without the running boards for the second time! * After complaining to the General Manager of the dealership, it took another 2 weeks to finally have the running boards installed, after I had to leave work early to take my car into the dealership. * After about 14,000 miles on my car, still completely covered under warranty, my car started pulling and not shifting, and the Over Drive light would blink on and off. I called the dealership and it took 2 weeks before they I was able to get an appointment with them. I took my car in and they confirmed what I knew all along - the transmission needed to be replaced. * It took two weeks before I was able to get a rental car through Ford * I didn't get my car back for 2 months!!! I received every excuse in the book - first that because it was a new model year that no dealerships had stock replacement part. Then I was told that they were literally building a new transmission and would be shipping it up from Mexico. * The Firestone tire recall came out about a month after I got my car. In the midst of the transmission problems, I was placed on a waiting list for replacement tires. I didn't have my tires replaced until this past April of 2002. I was driving in faulty tires for almost two years, because my name was never called. * I have had numerous problems with the rear wiper, which has not worked properly from the start. Every complaint yields the same thing - they can't find an issue with it! Boy has that become the Ford motto. * The check gauge light has now been coming on for the past 8 months. Ford continues to state there are no problems, even after I physically took a picture of the light on and showed it to the rep. * I began hearing a whistling noise, which I though was coming from the transmission. I took it into the dealership where I purchased the car and they noted they could not detect anything and sent me off. The noise persisted, and I ended up taking it to a new dealership (I moved from NJ to RI in the midst) in RI and made the same complaint. They too found nothing wrong. I called the dealership that night after I drove my truck home from the second complaint, and made an appointment to bring my car back the following morning. After sitting in the dealership for 5 hours, they determined it was the Transfer Case from the transmission which needed to be replaced. I was told that Ford no longer covers loaner or rentals cars, so I would have to pick up the bill for however long it would take to repair. I rented a car, and complained to Ford's customer service 800 number. They were able to assist in the financial burden of renting a car for a week (I'm just starting out after college so I don't have a ton of money), so anything they could do was helpful. I received nothing but a run-around from all of the service reps at the dealership. No one was able to tell me when my car would be ready, or anything. It took a week and I finally got my truck back, with the same problem! I called the Ford's customer service number for the second time now, they put me on hold while they called the dealership. They came back and told me that they spoke with the Service Manger and he noted that I'm just not used to driving a SUV, so all of the noises and problems are normal. Can you believe it! I've been driving this thing for almost 2 years now, and I'm not used to it. * A week ago at 36,400 miles, 400 miles past warranty, only a week after all of these transmission problems, my driver's side window stops working. I called the dealership and explained to them that my window is stuck half way down. They told me they couldn't fit me in for 2 weeks! I was furious, so I stopped by without an appointment and told them to fix it. Turns out the assembly (track), and the motor needed to be replaced at the cost of $320. I called the Ford customer service number again, and they said there is nothing they can do to help since it was outside my warranty. I even called Ford Motor Credit whom my lease it through to see if I can delay my lease payment for a month so I can have the window fixed and there's a charge of $150 for delaying my payment, which gets added on to the end of the lease. In the end, I had to borrow the money for the repair. * I am so appalled by the lack of service I have received, not to mention how worried I am that the transmission will go out on my expense. I have tried futilely to get information from the dealerships General Manager as to how to terminate my lease early, and I have yet to hear back. This only notes the major problems I've had with the truck. It doesn't include the sunroof seal, CD player, or brake problems I have also had. Sincerely, Mara

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