Opinions Of The Month: September, 1998

I'm Back…..

Well, it's been about 4 months since I've written. I've changed jobs, which has allowed me to update my views on corporate censorship. During that time I had to really jam to wrap up the remaining projects I had going at DHL. Now, though, I have a couple of extra minutes during my break before I get back to the most exciting project I've been a part of to date, and SO MUCH has happened lately! Here we go…

Hostages in Panama

Please check April's OOTM on this subject. The men's names are:

David Mankins

Mark Rich

Rick Tenenoff

These people need your help. Write your Congressman and tell him or her that the US government needs to come to the aid of it's citizens. NOW.

The Slut and Monica Lewinsky

First, a few points:

Pollsters keep asking people if they still think Billy is doing a good job as President. I think they should instead ask if people think Billy deserves to be President. I personally think he's done a great job of not screwing everything up. It's like going to Las Vegas; if you break even, you won. Billy has actually come out a winner insofar as the economy is stronger than ever, the stock market was going gangbuster, and unemployment was at an all-time low. But there is more to being President than writing your name and answering the phone.

The President represents the U.S. to the nations of the world.

Billy should have kept his eye on his wedding band, not on his prospects for making time with an intern. He has embarrassed the U.S. in a way I don't think anyone could have predicted. Not that the press has helped at all (I feel a whole 'nother opinion coming on that one), but Billy is a big boy now and he should know better.

So the question becomes, "Should Billy resign?"

The part of me with money in the stock market says, "HECK NO!" Hell, I'd rather see him weather this situation just so the market will calm down and turn the bulls loose again.

But the part of that realizes that the Starr report is now a part of our history books, that my daughters will have a question on a 9th grade history test someday that will read, "What object did William Clinton insert into Monica Lewinsky's ******?" says burn him at the stake for what he's done to the Presidency.

Hillary - SuperWoman or StupidWoman?

Mrs. Clinton,

You have proven yourself to be stronger -- and more politically motivated -- than any First Lady in history. Kudos to you.

But now would be a great time to dump the rat bastard.

Yeah, yeah, you stood by your man. Well, there's a point where kindness starts being interpreted as stupidity, and I think you've more than crossed that line. You're an intelligent woman. Act like one. Take the women's vote by storm and distance yourself from him. After he's out of office, have your own little impeachment hearing and divorce him. Then run for office. Your only real opposition would be someone like Feinstein, and even she couldn't match you for pure popularity and clout.

Come on Hillary. It's telling that everyone knows Bill wouldn't even be where he is without you. Now it's time for the real muscle to come into power. You go girl!

New Product Line

Here are some new products I've come up with to capitalize on recent events:

  1. The Presidential Cigar - Ribbed for Her Pleasure
  2. The Presidential Cigar - With Three Speeds and 2 Attachments
  3. The Presidential Hand-Rolled Cigar Condom
  4. Cuban Seed Tobacco Scented Feminine Deodorant
  5. The Intern's Friend: Combination Wet Wipe and Stain Remover

That's it for now. If you come up with anything good, drop me a note at the URL at the bottom of the page.

It Still Applies

Check out my opinions from May on Microsoft. A s one person stated, and I'm paraphrasing, the planet is littered with businesses that attempted to partner with Microsoft and were used up and thrown away. There are still more that made successful software that did not compete with Microsoft -- until Microsoft saw that there was some money to made in it, created an inferior, half-a**ed version, and used semi-illegal and unfair business practices to shut down the competition.

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