January 2004

The Sorry State of the Union

1/20/2004:   George W. Bush Jr., The Monkey Faced Frat Boy, stood in front of the United States Congress and, via television, the entire population of the Unites States of America, and delivered a speech that will surely go down in history.

As being the biggest pack of lies and delusions ever foisted onto the citizens of the U.S.A, as though we're all morons and children who will believe anything MFFB says, forgetting completely what he *actually* did.

Let's review, shall we?

He patted himself on the back for the "No Child Left Behind" initiative. Yes, it did get passed. But it has been a dismal failure. You see, NCLB is what I call Shell Legislation. Like a shell corporation, a shell law is one that has a name and, for all legal intents and purposes, exists. But it's empty. It's consumes nothing and produces nothing. Just like the NCLB law. You see, Bush and his buddies passed a law putting the NCLB into effect, but they included no deadline for passing the separate laws to fund the initiative. To date, not one child has been benefited from the NCLB. It's a failure.

He defended the Patriot Act, a poorly conceived attempt at aiding law enforcement that has removed or weakened some of our citizens' most cherished rights. We should do more than let it expire -- we should pass laws ensuring that such legislation is never again introduced. We need to be strong in defending our rights. Otherwise, the terrorists have won.

Interestingly, his words on terrorism and his references to actual terrorists including nothing about Iraq or its citizens. Perhaps because there was no connection?

When he did speak about Iraq, he prefaced it by saying that the U.S. and its allies "enforced the demands" of the United Nations.

Pardon me?

Y'know, that's funny because I distinctly recall the U.N. demanding that the U.S. stand down and allow diplomatic channels time to work. In fact, I have Koffi Anan's speech on tape, saying something to the effect that Bush was ignoring the will of the U.N. Hmmm.

He mentions that the work of rebuilding Iraq is "hard and right." I guess the work of rebuilding Afghanistan is easy and wrong, then, because we've almost entirely abandoned that nation in spite of promises and assurances that we would direct all our energies to safeguarding democracy there to ensure that the Afghani people thrived rather than leave them war-torn, needy, and easy targets for people like the Taliban.

As for promoting democracy in Iraq, the Bush administration is actually working to squelch it. Did you know that? There have been several demonstrations in Iraq for open elections. But Bush's administration has refused, opting instead for regional elections, using gerrymandered regional apportioning to sway the vote in the direction that Bush is comfortable with. Now, to be fair, he's trying to ensure that the Shi'ites don't get control, and they do represent a large portion of the population. These are the same guys that hate us so bad in Iran. So, yeah, I'd be a bit hesitant to allow a situation that would put these freaks in power, too. But don't tell me about how you're promoting democracy. How about telling the truth and saying you're promoting a democracy-friendly regime?

Then he goes on to slap the faces of those that would have tried to use diplomatic means to resolve the problems with Iraq. He purports that ignoring the U.N. and attacking Iraq gave the U.S. credibility. He talked about the "killing fields of Iraq," dismissing the fact that thousands of Iraqis died during the war he pushed so hard for.

He threw out a line that just makes me want to puke. He said, "America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our people." I think what he really meant to say was, "I will never seek the permission of my own people to wage war on anyone I feel like waging war against if it means I can settle a stupid grudge or gain a lot of political currency in the process." What a jackass. Attacking Iraq, when we knew that Saddam posed no immediate threat and we knew that our intelligence about his WMD programs was faulty, did nothing to make America safer. We gained nothing, and we lost much.

The economy. He dared to mention that "jobs are on the rise." Maybe they are. Of course, we've lost 2.5 million jobs since he took office, so unless the entire nation goes on unemployment, it would have to rise at some point. He mentioned that most of the job growth is in healthcare and biotech. Not high tech though, where a quarter of all those jobs have been lost and, according to our best economic minds, will not be returning now that they've been shipped overseas to India.

When talking about healthcare, he mentioned eliminating wasteful and frivolous lawsuits. He fails to mention that what he's really talking about is legislation to severely limit the damages that can be awarded in malpractice suits. So if a negligent doctor screws you up horribly for life, well, that's just too bad for you pal. Here's your $25 grand. Better invest it well, because it's going to have to buy you your pain meds for the rest of your life...

The "Defense Of Marriage Act", or DOMA. He said, "That statute protects marriage under federal law as the union of a man and a woman..." Which is about all I need to hear. It's discriminatory in regards to sexual orientation. Period. If he really believes that "The same moral tradition that defines marriage also teaches that each individual has dignity and value in God's sight," then he should put the dignity and value of the individual over his personal feelings about homosexuals. He's a homophobe, and he's wrong, and it's sad we have to have this kind of person in the White House. He certainly isn't the tolerant, statesmanly type, and he doesn't represent me.

He sequed from there to his "faith-based initiatives," which opens the door to giving government contracts to religious organizations. Personally, I think that's crap. If you award a contract to a company full of Buddhists, fine, but if you award a contract to a Buddhist temple, then I have a problem with that. It violates the founding principle of this nation, that of separation of church and state. His $300 million "Prisoner Re-entry Program," which you can bet won't be awarded to a Buddhist temple, would have been just fine being awarded to a non-religious organization. But he's got that money earmarked for some nice, Christian folks. Y'know, the kind that think homos are goin' straight to hell, and see abortion as murder.

Then he ends with some lame-assed attempt at tear-jerking hominy, reading a letter from one Ashley Pearson. Give me a flipping break. Hey George! My nine year old can see through your crap, and she'd like to write you a letter too! I bet you wouldn't read it on television though!

He did not cover the environment. He can't even pretend he did anything good there. Kyoto anyone? Alaska anyone?

He failed to mention that the guy in charge of finding the supposed WMDs in Iraq is ready to quit over pressure from the Bush administration to "find" something and put it in his final report.

He didn't mention that even Tony Blair has admitted that going into Iraq was probably not the correct course of action.

He didn't mention that Saddam Hussein had no ties to Al Qaeda, or that millions of Americans protested the war in Iraq in the biggest anti-war movement in America's history.

He mentioned the "Marriage Penalty" and the "Death Tax" several times. I think he thinks that Americans are stupid enough to be moved by moronic slogans like that, when in fact all the taxes he eliminated or cut amounted to so little in the average American's pocket that they'd have been better spent on the deficit. Give me a flippin' break.

What a jackass. Geez I hate him.

Spine Award: Ted Kennedy

1/14/2004:   For only the second time in the history of this website, I am now announcing the winner of the Spine Award. And it goes to...

(Drum roll, please....)

Ted Kennedy!


Because once again Ted has called a spade a spade by proclaiming, in a speech to the Center for American Progress, that the latest Iraq war was, "a war of choice, not of necessity," that was sold to the U.S. citizens and U.S. Congress through a "gross abuse of intelligence."

He went on to state that, "Despite protestations to the contrary, the president and his senior aides began the march to war in Iraq in the earliest days of the administration, long before the terrorists struck this nation on 9/11." He insisted the Bush administration built the case for war as a distraction from the failed search for Osama bin Laden.

He pointed out that there is still no convincing evidence connecting Saddam Hussein's Iraq and the terrorist strike on September 11th, 2001. As so many others, including yours truly, have stated, Mr. Kennedy said that there was "no compelling reason for war," and "the war has not made America safer."

Y'know, if ole Ted ran for Prez, I'd vote for him. But right now the only candidate with the you-know-whats to beat Bush at this juncture would appear to be Dean. And to be honest, Dean hasn't been making such a good showing lately. He needs to take the high road and stick to it. Showing that he can be goaded into a game of verbal fisticuffs doesn't instill confidence in his abilities as a statesman, knowhatahmean?

I'm looking for a candidate with dignity, intelligence, and respect for the office of President as something more than just a four year contract job with a possible four year extension. I'd like to see a President who actually believes in setting an example for the youth of America, who understands and lives by the principle that the President not only is tasked with safeguarding America's present, but its future as well, and not only from bad people outside our borders, but also within, and not just the bad guys who would blow up buildings, but the bad people who would irresponsibly use up our resources, including the resource of our children in the form of their education, and break down the freedoms once guaranteed us by this nation's founding fathers.

(That was a run-on sentence, wasn't it? Sorry, I got carried away...)

Anyway, I hope Dean has intentions to restore America's place in the world as a pioneer of peace. I hope he intends to restore our civil rights taken from us through the Patriot Act as a knee jerk, opportunist reaction to 9/11. I hope he intends to restore the protections that were placed on our natural resources by so many Presidents prior to the Monkey-Faced-Frat-Boy, George W. Bush. And I hope he intents to restore dignity to an abused and trampled office, that of the President of the United States of America. Because that lying, murderous thief that now holds the office has besmirched it beyond anything any former President has ever done.


1/14/2004:   Now and then I run across a site that is smart, well-informed, and not afraid to call "B.S." on someone.

MoveOn.org is in that category and deserves honorable mention here. Joan Blades and Wes Boyd, the founders of MoveOn.org, knew a load of crap when they saw it occupying the Oval Office and decided to put their time, money, and reputations on the line to tell it like it is. I say, kudos to them for taking up the banner.

After I get done uploading this, I'm going to fire off a message to them asking if I can mirror their "Bush In 30 Seconds" spots. They're GREAT! Gotta love these folks...

Cool Web Site Of The Year

1/14/2004:   Wanna see a cool web site? Check this out: http://www.tgesoft.com/. Pretty cool, huh? Neat products, too...

Wanna see another one? Here ya go: http://www.gavorastudio.com/. Love the high-bandwidth intro on that one.

Yeah, I did them both. Geez, I'm good....