Fri, 10 Sep 2004 18:02:12 -0400

I have a similar problem as Terri and others. We love our mustang very much
and babied her the same way we pretty much drive her 4mon out of the year.
She has never been in salt. While my husband was driving to work a small
stone hit the top of the roof and chipped some paint off. By the next week
while he was on his way to week he heard a crackling sound and looked in the
rear mirror, to his disbelief he saw sheets of paint flying. We called the
dealership immediately and by the time we got it in they said we were over
mileage.  I called customer service as you did to no avail. They more or
less told me to bad, oh well, your out of luck. I consulted a lawyer and he
said due to the miles I was out of coverage and the law will protect ford
from me.  Out of all these phone calls I have stated to all these people
that I have two trucks with more miles and three times the age of this car
which weather all the seasons and salt and not one of them have a defect in
paint like this vehicle. The dealership agrees that there is an issue but
refuses to help or go up to bats against ford.  I told all of them this is
exactly why ford is losing money due to the fact of the lemons they put out
thus losing customers to other divisions of the auto industry.



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