2002 F-250 Superduty

Fri, 28 Oct 2005 07:33:47 EDT

I have a 2002 F-250 Superduty diesel truck that I bought new but it had  
around 900 miles on it. It has an automatic overdrive transmission. At 600 miles  
past the warranty the transmission started acting up. Ford refused to make it  
good. So I purchased a new transmission from Ford with a 3 year 36,000 mile  
warranty. When I haul a load with the truck with this new transmission with  
about 1200 miles on it, the transmission heats bad with the gauge going all the 
 way into the red if you don't stop to let it cool. The overdrive light also 
will  blink. The old transmission never did heat under a load. I took the 
truck into  the dealer and they determined the transmission had a bad solenoid. 
They  repaired it, but I have not hauled a heavy load yet to see if it is fixed. 
But  getting to the main point. When I just recent took the truck in for this 
problem  I went back to talk to the transmission mechanic. I asked him if 
Ford had much  trouble with this transmission and he told me that they did. There 
was a problem  with the drum. I believe he also said that there had been a 
recall. He went  on to say that they resolved this problem by 2003 and up. If 
Ford was having  this problem then they should be responsible for my 
transmission. I have scoured  the Internet but I cannot find any recalls for this. Do you 
have any  advice?
                                           Thank You, Randy

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