2001 Ford ZX2...deathtrap

Thu, 19 May 2005 5:26:54 -0400

My daughter had an accident two days ago that totalled her car.  She was going around a 
blind curve and there was a calf or a big dog in the road which she could not avoid.  After 
hitting the animal, the car was knocked off the pavement with the passenger side wheels.  
She tried to steer the car back onto the pavement at which time the car went into a series 
of spins.  Then the car left the road, went thru 5 wooden fence stakes and a barbed wire 
fence, down a ravine and landed in a creek surrounded by a thicket.  The front bumper is 
ruined.  The passenger fender and the whole right side is out.  The back passenger side 
clip (behind the passenger seat) is crushed.  The rear bumper is ruined. The back passenger 
side tire is warped.  There is also a dent in the drivers side.  The passenger side window 
shattered.  The only piece of metal on the car that is not bent or ruined is the roof. The doors 
were dented shut, so she had to climb thru the window to get out. The airbags didn!
 't go off.  Luckily she had on her seatbelt.  I really was expecting Ford to give her another 
car or something for her suffering.  The owner of the dealership came out and looked at the 
car, and told me that it wasn't hit HARD enough to make the bags go off.  He told me that 
the car would have had to hit a brick or concrete wall for the airbags to deploy.  The highway 
patrol didn't write her a ticket, because there was an eye witness.  She wasn't speeding.  
The highway patrolman said he hadn't seen a wreck that bad that the airbags didn't deploy.  
He, along with the emergency medical services people were very surprised that they didn't 
go off.  I have called Ford and their legal dept is supposed to call me back.  I'll let you know 
what happens.  I was gonna file a complaint online at their website, but I couldn't find the 
place to do that.  My entire family have always been Ford owners, however, if they don't do 
something, I won't buy another one...and I'll tell everyone I know about this.   The ZX2 
apparently only has one sensor, and it has to hit a brick wall before it decides to even try 
to save a life...which is in my opinion, an oxymoron.  Thanks for you time.

S. Shuler

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