2004 Ford Taurus

Tue, 10 Jul 2007 17:35:26 -0400

I have had the exact same problem as Keith with his í04 Taurus and have been told 
numerous times that this is the first time they have ever seen this.  My car has 40,000 
miles on it and has been to the car dealership 4 times in 2 Ĺ months for the same thing.  
My car always loses power when I try to back out onto a busy highway from my 
driveway, sometimes it will stall, then others it will kick into gear very hard.  Then like 
clockwork, the needles of the gas gauge, speedometer and everything else start 
clicking and then the check engine light comes on.   At least Keithís will wait for every 
6,000 to 10,000 miles, Iím lucky if I get to 500 miles before it happens.  The dealership 
has been helping, but they even called Ford and all they could say is to make sure I donít 
leave my ignition on without the motor running.  Are you serious?  That is definitely not the 
problem.  My car is actually right now being worked on again, with the CPU. Letís see how 
long I can drive it before it happens again. One ďniceĒ thing is the Lemon Law, I only have 
to wait about four more times before I can even try for it.  Isnít our legal system wonderful. 

Thanks for your website, I feel better knowing that Iím not the only one living a Ford 

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