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Todd's Escort GT. A letter I wrote to Ford about my car after being treated to the usual Ford courtesy and warm concern... (cough)...


Cari's Hammer. This story is gut-wrenching. Imagine listening to a tape of your loved one trapped in a car that is sinking into deep water. That person is screaming, can't get out, and ends up drowning. Cari's family is trying to make sure her death was not in vain, and they ask for your support to make cars escapable in cases where they are submerged.

Class Action Suit: The Triton Engine. A bulletin from Donald Ricketts, Attorney at Law, regarding a class action suit makiing its way through the California court system regarding Ford's Triton engine.Brown has decided that the Ford Focus -- not just his, but ALL of them -- should be place summarily under the lemon law.

Al's $.02. Al's been around a while, driven a lot of cars, and he can tell you exactly why GM, Ford, and Chrysler are experience abysmal sales lately. Worth reading.


Note: this block was just added, it's not sorted out yet, and this is the only page they appear on so far. I'll get them worked into the site as soon as I get back from vacation.

NEW! Sarah C. - Ex-Ford Technician. This lady informs us that being a Ford tech means job security -- and not in a good way....

Howard's 2005 Ford F-150. Brake failure and an oncoming transport truck equals a Ford heartache for Howard.

Richard's 2005 Ford Explorer. They don't run any better in the Philippines according to Richard. It only took two days for his Explorer to start exploding.

Ralph's 2002 F-350. A self-described sad owner of an F-350 is out thousands of dollars, and has sworn off Ford forever.

Jason's 2003 Ford Windstar. This guy is ticked all the way off. He gave Ford the benefit of the doubt and got screwed. At least Ford is consistent that way. Hey, I'm just trying to look for a silver lining here...

JT's 2005 Ford Focus. This Focus owner has had it with Ford. Foreign car makers must love the Focus.

Jim's 2002 Ford Taurus. Jim is having non-stop problems with his Taurus, and at this point it's spending a lot of time with the cadet mechanic at his dealership.

Auranyd's 2003 Ford F-150. Another F-150 with sudden acceleration problems. I'm getting more of these types of stories than before. There seems to be a trend there...

Chey's 2003 F-150 Triton Super Crew. Poor Chey. She bought the F-150 with the not-so-super Triton engine. She's wishing she'd bought something else...

Shawnica's 2006 F-350. From this letter, I gather F-350 engines are designed to explode at about 50,000 miles. You say you want an engine that goes 200,000 miles? Buy Toyota.

Doug's 2000 F-350. Used Ford vehicles with low miles should be treated as lemons, judging from the emails I get. This one is typical.

Fabiola's 2004 Expedition. According to the Ford mechanic, ALL Expeditions have a rear axle problem that is only fixed after the suspension breaks. Nice.

Ian's 2002 Ford Focus ZX3. Another sad Focus tale. I get about a one-to-one ratio on Focus and F series truck stories, and then the occasional Mustang or Taurus story. This one is just typical. Be smart people; don't buy Ford.

Frey's 2005 Ford 500 . Frey's dealership was honest enough to advise him to use the lemon laws in his area to resolve the problems he was having with his 500. Now if that isn't a cry for help, I don't know what is...

Jim's 2003 Ford Ranger XLT. Jim's truck has a mind of its own and a willingness to get where it wants to go fast.

Jenkins' 2005 Ford F-250 Diesel Super Duty. DF actually thought that when the name of the truck read "Super Duty," it meant it was a truck that would work for you. HAHAHAHA!!! Oh... hehe... that's funny....

Barbara's 2005 Ford Thunderbird. People, don't EVER expect Ford to do the right thing. I have seen very few cases where Ford was more clearly at fault than this one, and they've basically told this lady to stick it. I told Barbara that if I was her, I'd sue their pants off and fly them from the highest pole I could find.

Jackie's 2002 Ford Taurus Wagon. Gary's transmission wants to do the cha-cha down the street, and all Gary wants is to roll.

Gary's 2005 Ford F-150. Gary's transmission wants to do the cha-cha down the street, and all Gary wants is to roll.

Effie's 2002 Mercury Mountaineer. The service manager at Duncanville Ford was either two shots shy on his cappucino, or just plain incompetent. This one describes a recall that all Ford and Mercury owners need to know about.

David's 2004 Ford Explorer. Another Explorer with a bad tranny and overall low quality. This just doesn't even surprise me anymore. What does surprise me is how Ford continues to pretend there isn't a problem.

Cindy's 2003 Ford F-350. Cindy's work truck fell apart, and when she couldn't make the payments on the vehicle she relied on to make money, Ford took the vehicle and sued her. Way to go with that great customer service, Ford!

Denise's 2005 F-150 Super Crew. How do you call an F-150 "Super", regardless of the cab length? Well, Denise's truck stranded her miles from a dealership, and it turns out the tires Ford put on them were defective.

Christine's 2003 Ford Explorer. Christine's Explorer's wiring and molding were junk on arrival, but this is a great story of how one woman used the lemon laws as leverage to get the kind of customer care you should be able to simply expect.

Reece's 2002 F-350 Super Duty. Reece is advertising how badly Ford sucks on his new car.

Tina's 2004 Ford Explorer. Tina's Explorer is missing its dipstick. Could the dipstick be required to make the tranny work? It doesn't sound like the mechanic knows either...

Cindy's 2005 F-350 Powerstroke.. Cindy is dueling with her dually, bought brand new. The bloom was off the rose at 265 miles, and it's only gotten worse since then.

Blake's 2007 Ford Mustang Coupe. Wow. Mustang's aren't cheap, but apparently they're built cheap. Apparently Ford is doing so badly, Landers McLarty Ford is selling life insurance as well. Purchased new, this car is falling apart at only 3000 miles!

Dianne's 2003 Ford Focus. And if you think servicemen get special treatment at Ford, think again. Does Ford support the troops? Maybe, but not when you buy their vehicles...

Chris' 2007 Ford Tornado. U.S. customers, don't think that you're alone! Ford stinks Down Under as well. Chris let's us know what it's like to deal with Ford in Australia.

Ann's 2004 Ford Excursion. I think the altitude is affecting the staff at St. George Ford.

Cindy's 2005 Ford F-150.. Another one bites the dust. Or just explodes in slow-motion. Cindy and Rick need to leave that truck on the side of the road and move on...

Debra's 2002 Lincoln LS.. Sounds like the Lincoln LS's have the same ignition problem that Ford's trucks do. Let them get hot enough and they just shut down -- typically at highways speeds.

Stacy's 2004 Ford Taurus. Stacey's Taurus sounds like it needs a young priest and an old priest... Personally, I'd be afraid to drive this clunker, but she's soldiering on, counting on the lemon law in her area to finally save her. Good luck, Stacey!

Gary's 2004 Ford F-150.. Happy with his truck (even though it's falling apart), but exasperated with Ford service.

Michael's 2001 Lincoln Navigator.. Sounded nice, but turned out to be the last straw.

Rob's 2006 Ford Mustang V6.. The infamous Mustang Vibration strikes Rob, along with the infamous Ford Tranny Curse, rust, paint, and A/C problems. His new Pontiac G6 was just what the doctor ordered.

CM's 2003 Ranger Edge 4x2. The robots at Ford run amok, and the service department couldn't care less.

Charles Uncovers AAA Auto Repair Fraud, Alerts Ford Owners. When Charles took his daughter's Grand Marquis in for service, AAA tried to take him to the cleaners. I think they picked the wrong guy. This man is knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and P.O.ed. Get'em Charles!!

Al's $.02.. Al's been around a while, driven a lot of cars, and he can tell you exactly why GM, Ford, and Chrysler are experience abysmal sales lately. Worth reading.

Al's $.02.. Al's been around a while, driven a lot of cars, and he can tell you exactly why GM, Ford, and Chrysler are experience abysmal sales lately. Worth reading.

Ella's 2002 Ford Explorer. Lassie! Quick! Go get the marshmallows! Ella's Explorer is another victim of Ford's fire curse.

Bill's 1999 Ford Ranger. Bill's daughter got a hold of some bad "Mojo" when she bought her Ranger from the Jeep and Eagle dealership on hwy 99 South in Seattle.

Renee's 1996 Ford Explorer. Ford added insult to near death when the were rude to Renee after her Explorer tried to kill her and her family.

Brent's 2001 Ford Focus 2.0 ESP. Brent asks Ford some hard questions. And the answers: nothing but crickets.

PJ's 2002 Ford Ranger. PJ's Ranger self destructed at 36,000 miles. Locked in low 4x4 and with windows that are possessed, Ford decides it's not their problem.

Herb's 2006 Ford Explorer. Ford has had Herb's car longer than he has. He'd like to know if anyone else is having problems with dead batteries caused by the car's control module.

Elton's 2005 Ford Focus ZX4. The brakes on Elton's Focus are failing with only 4250 miles on it! That's got to be a record.

Ken's 2005 Ford F-150. Ken's having the same shaking steering that so many other people are having. There seems to be a trend here, one that Ford is studiously ignoring.

Ken's 2005 Ford Escape. Back to the dealership 4 times in only 6400 miles, Ken has sworn off Ford products for life. Can you blame him?

John's 2005 Ford Focus. Only 1000 miles on it, and the power steering is leaking. Wow. That was quick...

John's 2005 Ford F-350. Apparently the latest round of F-350s aren't intended to encounter anything like dirt and rocks.

Shawn's 2005 F-350 Superduty. The dealership clearly doesn't realize they are attempting to screw over the wrong person. Shawn has plenty of experience with big trucks and junk yards, and he keeps catching this Ford dealership lying. A good read.

Mavis' 2005 Ford 500. Mavis's 500 is already in the shop for a new transmission. She's pretty calm about it, simply saying that she's "disappointed."

Haye's 2005 Ford F-150. Folks, Mr. Hayes has set a new record. His F-150's engine blew up after only one week!

Mark's 2005 Ford Escape. Mark's brakes disintegrated after only 20k miles, and Ford and the dealership have colluded to deny him coverage for the repair of an obviously substandard system. The back brakes were covered under a recall, but not the front brakes. Is that cute or what?

Tim's 2005 Ford F-350. After being mildly disappointed in his 2004 F-250, Tim decided to roll the dice again at Purchase Ford in Mayfield, KY, and go with an F-350. Can you say, "snake-eyes"?

John's 2005 Ford 500. John's 500 sounds like a bucket of bolts and can't stand cold weather. He's disappointed. I would be too.

Catherine's 2005 Ford F-350 4x4. Catherine's truck sounds like it was made to haul the moon in its orbit, but all she wanted was to haul a horse trailer. In less than 5 month it's gone through enough parts to build another vehicle. Wow.

Bowza's 2005 Ford Freestyle. This vehicle had problems before they even got it off the lot! The new record holder is Bowza!!

CH's 2005 Ford F-250. CH had always wanted an F-350, but his "dream truck" turned into a $51,000 paper weight.

Jacquie's 2005 Ford Focus. Another Ford Focus story. No, Jacquie, you're not alone. You have a frighteningly large crowd of similarly treated Ford owners to keep you company in your misery.

Mark's 2005 Mustang GT. I once had someone write me to tell me that if I ever *dared* to post a message about the Ford Mustang, he'd sue me. I told him he was a little late. But now I get a kick out of posting every single Mustang story that comes through. In this case Mark's Mustang should have been shot to put it out of its misery, but instead Ford told Mark that if he waited the problems would just "go away."

Mike's 2005 F-350. Transmission failure, oil leaking into coolant, then the engine won't start if it's warmed up. It's too bad this poor guy relies on such a vehicle as his work truck, because he just keeps paying for making a bad decision to buy Ford.

Chandra's 2005 Ford F-150 Supercrew. Folks, there is nothing super about an F-150 except the size of the cab. If a class action suit is brought over Ford's trucks, Chandra would like to be notified.

Matt's 2005 Ford 500. Matt's 500 died after 6 weeks, and Ford is telling him the part needed is "rare". How can a part on a 2005 vehicle be "rare"? Does it grow at the top of only one mountain in all the world? What kind of excuse is that?

Atirino's 2005 Ford F-350 Super Duty. Atarino's truck goes into "fail-safe" mode at highway speeds! The truck must be "rebooted" (turned on and off in neutral) in order to reset it. Wow. Six trips to the dealership and nothing. Sounds like the "Super Duty" has Kryptonite in the gas tank, or more likely, a bug in the software...

Barbara's 2005 Mercury. Bolivar Ford is offering a new service with their new cars -- they break in your spare tire for you! Then they plug it, mix it up with a tire from another car....

Mauro's 2005 Ford 500 Sedan. Well that's got to be a record! Mauro reported this problem with the 2005 Ford 500 Sedan -- in November of 2004!! That certainly didn't take long. Mauro believes the 500 is nothing more than the Freestar chassis with a sedan body over it, and he's predicting this vehicle will be a roll-over risk.

Linda's Ford LNT 9000. Another must-read story. According to Linda, not only did the faulty part on the dump truck she and her husband owned cause her husband's death, but Ford has committed fraud to cover up their part in his death.

TJ's Ford F-150. This is an exceptional letter from TJ about the Triton engine used in Ford's F-150s, Mustangs, and Expedtions. A MUST READ!

Kyle's 2004 Ford F-150. Not only did the salesmen atw Gray Daniels Ford in Brandon, MS, screw Kyle over, but then the maintenance department treated him like a victim. He's still a Ford believer, but just barely.

Heath's 2004 Ford F-150. After replacing nearly every piece of his suspension, steering, and brakes to fix a vibration that won't go away, Heath has decided that if his truck is Ford tough, his lawnmower must be a Rolls.

Rob's 2004 F-650. Ricart Ford told Rob that, on his Mustang, a gas tank that can't be filled and a CD system that won't play CDs are "normal". But the F-650 takes the cake. The condition of this "new" vehicle borders on the criminal.

Caren's 2004 Ford F-150. Caren and George have had a nightmare of a time getting Ford to resolve their brake problems. They've completely lost confidence in the reliability and safety of their truck.

Mike's 2004 Ford Expedition. Mike has been more than patient with Ford regarding the severe vibration in his suspension and the amazing wear and tear it has inflicted on his tires. Apparently, Mel Clayton Ford could care less if Mike's vehicle is safe to drive.

Eric's 2004 Ford Explorer. Eric's tranny was shot by whomever puts the tranny fluid in at the factory, and his rear end and front axle are going as well. Another fun day with a Ford.

Dalit's 2004 Ford Expedition. Dalit says this is his last Ford product, a 2004 Expedition with electrical problems that Ford can't seem to keep up with.

Ken's 2004 E Series Trucks. Ken purchased five 2003s and one 2004 diesels, and they spent a total of 369 days in the shop! Ken's company, which relied on these trucks, failed because he placed his trust in the wrong company.

Nd's 2004 Ford Expedition. Ford keeps telling ND that the loud noise coming from her SUV is normal, minimal, something she can live with, and something she can fix just by driving slower. Wow. How about if she just sold it? I guess the noise would go completely away, huh? Judging from other letters I get, it's probably a drive train defect.

Otto's Friend's 2004 Ford Explorer. Otto had to write this letter because his friend is still in the hospital. ALL of the safety equipment, including the bolts holding the seats themselves, failed when his SUV hit an embankment.

FF's 2004 Ford F-250. 14,000 miles and some FEMA trailers were all it took to kill FF's 6.0 diesel engine. Is *that* what Ford tough means? To FF, it means losing $500 a day waiting for his truck to be fixed.

Keith's 2004 Ford Focus. Keith thought, "Hm, safe, cheap, and built Ford Tough. I'll get a Focus." Now he's thinking, "Safe? Well with a 'hydrolocked' engine that Ford won't fix under warranty, sure it is. It's PARKED!" Clearly there's a design flaw that let's water get into the engine, and Keith wants to know if there's anyone else out there suffering from the same problem.

Mark's 2004 Ford Torneo. I've never heard of a Torneo myself, but according to Mark's story, his van has been in the shop 30 times over the course of a few months. No, thank you!

Caroline's 2004 F-150. Caroline lives in Canada, where ABS made be listed as optional, but is really a requirement for driving there during the winter. Her ABS goes out at the funniest times, but Caroline's not laughing, and Ford's not helping.

Keith's 2004 Ford Taurus. Keith's Taurus picked up a gremlin at 19k miles. It loses power at the worst times, and Ford simply can't get a handle on it.

Chuck's 2004 Ford F-150. Chuck's F-150 is a lemon. The guy at Ford said so, although he won't put it in writing. That's got to give you a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, don't you think?

Jessica's 2004 Ford Mustang. Ford seems to having quite a lot of problems with Mustangs lately. In this case, it's the usual Ford paint job, and the usual Ford run-around.

Nicki's 2004 Ford Focus. More defective Focus brakes, and the mechanic's response: "So?" I think Ford mechanics are callous and jaded because they hate their jobs. Would you like being the clean-up crew for a company that sucks that badly?

Ronnie's 2004 Ford F-250. Tonight, at 8pm, it's the all new "When Ford Trucks Attack!" Seems Ronnie's truck was possessed in a Taco Bell drive-thru and tried to take out the car in front of him. Ford sees no evil, hears no evil, and speaks nothing but evil.

Karen's 2004 F-350 Diesel. Custom built doesn't make a Ford any better. Two days was all it took for the check engine light, and it was downhill after that.

Shane's 2004 F-250 Super Duty FX4. Of all the stories I get, some of the worst are those where a person's business is depending on the reliability of the vehicles they buy. Shane will never let his business suffer at Ford's hands again.

Gerry's 2004 Ford Explorer. 2800 miles into it, Gerry's transmission starts whispering to him. It's saying, "Got you where I want you, now I'm going to EAT you!"

Sandra's 2004 Ford Taurus. Apparently the fabric in the Taurus is held on with glue that's less effective than the paste my kids used in kindergarten.

Shani's 2004 Ford F-150. Shani's airbag compartment apparently doesn't contain an actual airbag, because three direct hits on the front of the car failed to produce the expected safety device.

Doyle's 2004 Ford Focus. After reading Doyles letter, it occurred to me that Ford should stop trying to fix the design on this car and start a support group for former owners instead.

Tim's 2004 F-250 Diesel. Tim's F-250 was dead after only 7000 miles, and Ford refuses to fix it. I'll bet Tim goes with a Dodge next time.

Sue's 2004 Ford Expedition. Sue's Expedition needs a new engine after only 2 months! Proof that top dollar doesn't necessarily get you top quality.

Larry's 2004 Ford F-150.. GMC vs. Ford = GMC Wins!

Dave's 2004 F-150. The Triton engine strikes again, this time eating two spark plugs.

Tim and Tammy's 2004 Ford Expedition. Two transmission after only 16,900 miles, and Timothy and Tammy are long time Ford fans no more.

Bacco's 2004 Ford Explorer. Bacco's transmission, brake, and suspension problems have him wishing he'd stuck with Toyotas.

Selina's 2004 Ford Focus. Selina's Focus is in the shop every 4000 to 5000 miles. So far she's had the car in the shop for brake problems 6 times!

Lori's 2004 Ford Focus SVT. Lori's story reads like a mystery novel, one in which the bad guy gets away due to lack of evidence. People, do not buy the Ford Focus until Ford fixes the brake design!!

Karen's 2004 Ford Expedition. Karen's Expedition's A/C is destroying the interior of her truck, and Matthews Currie Ford can't be moved to resolve the problem. Maybe the design is so bad it can't be fixed?

Wayne's 2004 Ford Super Duty. This one just doesn't make sense. Why would Ford put a 2003 engine in a 2004 vehicle? Did they think Wayne wouldn't notice? Bad call.

Mike's 2004 Ford Focus. Mike's wife and 6 year old were in the Focus when the steering decided to self-destruct. 6900 miles on it, and now it's duck-toed. See for yourself -- Mike sent pictures along as well.

M's 2004 Ford F-150. Ah, the first 2004 model to grace our pages. The ever illustrious and often ill-fated F-150. In this case, those horses under the hood can't always be reined in, and in this case a random hard acceleration cause an accident. Anyone else having this problem?

Clifford's 2003 Ford Ranger EDGE. Only 13k miles, and Ford can't figure out why Clifford's Ranger keeps stalling out and refusing to start. Sounds like Clifford should start squeezing it real hard and making lemonade out of the juice that comes out...

Allen's 2003 Lincoln Navigator. Allen's engine is dying with only 30k miles on it, and Ford is insisting on giving him a reconditioned (read "used") engine rather than a new one. If it was me, I'd have left without saying another word and called my attorney.

Mini's 2003 Ford Focus. Mini's Focus transmission imploded at 30k miles. To make matters worse, Ford corporation is forcing the dealership to replace the tranny one part at a time because.... (wait for it)... they don't understand what's wrong with it.

Fred's 2003 Ford Explorer. Two years into owning his Explorer and now the nice paint job is starting to bubble. Wouldn't you think that Ford would have gotten a handle on this by now?

Ira's 2003 Ford Ranger 4x4 XLT. Don't take your 4x4 off road, according to Ira. She never did, but her truck is falling apart anyway.

Chuck's 2003 Lincoln Navigator. Chuck would put a stake through his Navigator's heart, if he could find it. His vehicle has turned into an absolute nightmare to own.

Bernard's 2003 Ford Crown Victoria. I want Rick's job at Koons Ford in College Park, MD. Rick charged Bernard $291 to find an electrical problem, then told him later that he couldn't find it. Was there a refund? Are you kidding?

Carol's 2003 Ford Focus. 12k miles and the brakes were finished. 35k and the tires were shot. 50k and a new tranny. The sad part is, this is typical of the Focus.

Kathy's 2003 Ford Expedition. Ford told Kathy that they knew there was a problem with some of the Expedition's body moulding, but they still want to charge her an arm and a leg to fix it. She's looking for a class action suit. Anyone else want to join?

Chet's 2003 6.0 Liter Diesel. Chet's a bright guy. He learns from his mistakes. In this case, he's decided to make the move to a Dodge.

Taylor's 2003 Ford Focus. Dude, it's another ignition failure! Geez, if NASA had these kind of problems, we'd have never made it to McDonald's, let alone the moon. Apparently American ingenuity doesn't extend to Ford.

Taylor's 2003 Ford Focus. Dude, it's another ignition failure! Geez, if NASA had these kind of problems, we'd have never made it to McDonald's, let alone the moon. Apparently American ingenuity doesn't extend to Ford.

Cher's 2003 Ford Cobra. Cher's convertible is converting her time and money into aggravation. Seems the "new" car had been heavily repaired before being sold to her, and no one at Earl Tindol Ford bothered to disclose this.

Michael's 2003 Ford Range. Ford's infamous plastic gas tank strikes again, and Michael is left holding an $800 repair bill.

Craig's 2003 Ford Fiesta Zetec. Craig's car is like something out of a summer horror flick. Bring in Ford Customer Service for the killer stroke.

Beth's 2003 Ford Expedition XLT. Maybe Ford should switch the names of their Expeditions and Escapes, because Beth's truck keeps trying to get away, and the parking brake isn't deterring it.

Steven's 2003 Ford Focus. Steven is a qualified automotive technician, and his letter about his 2001 Focus and 2003 Focus are *very* enlightening. A must read!

John's 2003 Ford F-150 Supercrew. John's transmission is attempting to "grenade" on him, and his dealership tells him this is "normal."

Al's 2003 Ford Focus. Al's Focus has decided that commands come from the driver are optional. His steering is ignoring him -- with extreme prejudice.

Paul's 2003 Ford F-150 XLT Super Cab. Paul's nightmare began when he bought the XLT and let Ford take him for a ride. Their answer to all problems seems to be bad parts and more grease.

Ashley's 2003 Ford Mustang. Two Mustangs, same CD player problem. If you own a Mustang and you suspect your CD player is getting weird, read this.

Scott's 2003 Ford Focus. The ignition was just one more thing that broke on Scott's ZX3.

Nancy's 2003 Ford Ranger. Nancy is locked into a 5 year lease on a Ranger that is falling apart on her. Two lessons learned: never lease unless you plan on changing cars every couple of years, and never, ever buy Ford.

John's 2003 Ford Ranger. Ford's Rangers have serious steering issues, and John has set up a brief and informative site warning other Ranger owners. Look, the Ranger is basically the Escort version of a truck.

Pamela's 2003 Ford Expedition. Ford's cruise control modules cause fires. Simple. But Ford would rather tell you it's the fault of Texas Instruments.

Pete's 2003 Ford Ranger. The Escort of trucks nearly kills Pete when it got a mind of its own, accelerated out of control and slammed into a bridge!

David's 2003 Windstar. This story isn't so much about the electrical problems David has had with his Windstar as the problems he's had with Newins Ford in Bayshore, NY.

Sarah's 2003 Ford Explorer. Sarah needs a Godzilla sized Tylenol after dealing with the transmission on her Eddie Bauer Ford Explorer.

Rob's 2003 Ford Focus ZTS. An overzealous airbag and a small pothole nearly caused a serious accident. Ford's opinion? "Oh, that was supposed to happen."

VOB's 2003 Ford Focus. Another Ford Focus brake story. At this point, the mechanics are getting so used to this particular problem, they don't even try to act surprised.

Chris' 2003 Ford Mustang. A MUST READ! This is a very detailed diary of the problems Chris is having with a brand new Mustang. Multiple Ford engineers, one line of crap. Chris would love to find out why Mustangs shimmy/wobble/nibble at speeds over 40mph, but Ford ain't tellin'.

Leigh's 2003 Ford Mustang. No radiator fluid in a brand new vehicle, and a cavalier attitude from SUNCOAST Ford in Hudson, FL.

Michael's 2003 Ford F-150 FX4 Off Road. Y'know, I had to chuckle at the name of this vehicle. It certainly is "Off Road" now. Probably permanently. To add insult to injury, this poor guy tried to lease another F-150, and Ford's lease department did a number on his credit history!

Gaine's 2003 Ford Focus. Faulty brakes nearly take a man's life, but Ford instructs the mechanic not to touch the vehicle.

Bruce's Friend's 2003 Ford Escape. This letter came in on 1/10/2003, and *already* the Escape is having serious problems with the steering system. Now *that's* a bad design!

John's CD Player. The vehicles are not imporant in this case. I advised John to call the police about his treatment at FORREST CATE FORD in LaFayette, Walker County, GA, then to call an attorney. This one will make you mad.

Lori's 2002 Ford Focus SVT. Lori's is just another of Ford's Focus victims. But Ford victims have a hero -- Japan.

Donna's 2002 Ford Explorer. Donna is the latest victim of Ford's paint problems. The expert at the body shop reported that there was no primer on the metal. Was the primer machine down the day they built Donna's car at the Ford factory?

Heidi's 2002 Ford F-150. She was so happy with her brand new truck, that is, until the infamous Triton engine spark plug eviction demon cursed her.

Angela's 2002 Ford Taurus. Angela Taurus is trying to shake itself apart, and Ford has given her the run-around. After months of aggravation, she's sworn off Fords forever.

Fred's 2002 Ford Ranger. Ricart Ford in Columbus screwed Fred out of a warranty, while Chevrolet replaced an out-of-warranty torsion bar as a "goodwill gesture." Fred has decided to go where the customer service is.

Sue's 2002 Ford Escape. Sue's Escape made its final escape -- in a wall of flame. She suspects the infamous Ford cruise control module.

Ken's 2002 Ford Explorer. Ken also experienced the noise come from the rear end of his Explorer, and he's got some sage advice if you're having the same problem.

Jim's 2002 Ford Excursion. A Mother's Day present to his wife, four months later the Expedition's throttle sticks wide open and nearly kills her and several other people on the highway.

Randy's 2002 Ford F-250 Superduty. Randy's having transmission problems, and according to his trusted mechanic, so are a lot of other people with F-250s. Randy asks if there is a recall on the transmissions.

Greg's 2002 Ford Ranger. Greg's having some extreme throttle problems with his F-150. If you're experiencing the same, he'd like to hear from you.

Kelvin's 2002 Ford Focus. Kelvin's Focus and Ranger have both had major break problems due to poor design and manufacture. Kelvin has some dark words for Ford.

Nanse's 2002 Ford Taurus. Nanse is having the same problem a lot of other Taurus owners are having -- the coil springs on her vehicle are breaking. Clearly these are parts that should last the life of the car. She asks if anyone else having this problem could contact her.

Nancy's 2002 Ford Explorer. Lied to, then inconvenienced, then ripped off, then abused. Nancy's saga will get your blood boiling...

Sas' 2002 Ford F-150. Ok, I've heard some bad brake stories, usually on the Ford Focus, but this poor guy's brakes FELL OFF. He's since made the move to Chevy, and he's a happier man for it.

Jeff's 2002 Ford Escort ZX2. I can't believe they still produce these cars. And they haven't gotten a whole lot better in 20 years. Seems Jeff's Escort has been through three transmissions in only 65k miles. Geez....

Adriana's 2002 Ford Explorer. Another Explorer horror story, with the worst parts being the treatment Adriana got at the hands of Tomball Ford in Texas.

Ed's 2002 Ford Explorer. Ed discovered the steering and cruise control switches had been pulled from his truck prior to purchase and lesser parts installed. Something odd going on here, well worth checking out.

Bill's 2002 Ford Explorer. Another Explorer with suspension problems, electrical problems, transmission problems, etc. I think Ford treats people so badly because they're just plain worn out hearing about all the problems their vehicles have.

Dennis' 2002 Ford Explorer XLT. Dennis bought his Explorer and within a week he was cataloguing the problems.

Gary's 2002 Ford Explorer Limited. Gary's Explorer falling apart from the outside in, started with the paint and ending with the drive train.

Rachael's 2002 Ford Mustang. Another young Mustang with old paint. How does Ford manage to keep screwing this up? They've made billions of vehicles over the life of the company, used every paint formula known to man, and they can't make the paint stick to metal on a Mustang in 2002? Really?!

George's 2002 Ford Mustang. George found out some very interesting details about the Mustang design that most people aren't aware of. Recommended reading.

Eileen's 2002 Ford Ranger. Eileen's transmission is giving her fits, but Ford couldn't be bothered.

Veronica's 2002 Ford Range Edge. WARNING! If your Ranger needs body parts, Ford may not be able to provide them. Veronica can't get a simple front end parts for her Ranger. Sounds like the only "Edge" Ford knows about is the one they're falling over...

Malcolm's 2002 Ford Taurus. Ford voluntarily recalls Tauruses with faulty coil springs -- but neglects to include the faulty suspension springs on 2002 models.

Ed's 2002 Ford Explorer. Faulty ABS and a roaring back end -- it sounds like the punch line to a joke, but Ed's not amused.

Dan's 2002 Ford F-150. Dan's F-150 is the last Ford he'll ever buy.

KJ's 2002 Ford Excursion. Two years into owning her Excursion, KJ is kicking her husband for buying a Ford when she warned him not to. Just two years and $3000 in repairs to keep this vehicle off the side of the road. Have you fixed a Ford lately?

Valerie's 2002 Ford Ranger. Valerie got ripped of by Astoria Fordf, and Ford's leasing department did nothing to remedy the situation. Now her truck has been repo'ed and auctioned off after Astoria Ford took the last payment from her and failed to turn it in. Man, this kind of stuff just burns me up...

Sheri's 2002 Ford Focus. The infamous Focus brakes strike again! This is getting to be a theme here. Combine that with the usual transmission problems, and Sheri now knows why Friends Don't Let Friends Buy Ford.

Don's 2002 Ford Focus. How many times can you take a simple windshield wiper problem to a Ford dealership without it getting fixed? A simple test with a garden hose shows how incompetent Fox Lake Ford's techs are getting.

George's 2002 Ford Mustang GT. George can't get Ford to take care of the obviously faulty front-end suspension on his Mustang, and the car is still under warranty.

Todd's 2002 Ford Ranger 4x4. Todd now understands that the Ranger was the truck equivalent of the Escort. And he got the same warm service as the rest of us when his truck started falling apart at 36k miles.

Sandy's 2002 Ford Focus. A stuck accelerator causes Sandy's Focus to do an "Extreme Makeover" on Sandy's garage. Her brakes are going out, the wiring is melting, the seat belts are failing -- no wonder it's depreciated over $10000 in less than a year!

Shauna's 2002 Ford Focus. At first, the things going wrong with this car were simply annoying. Then it nearly turned deadly.

Heather's 2002 Ford Mustang. After reading Heather's letter, I get the impression that the "gentlemen" at Bob Thomas Ford in Texas could use a lesson in plain old fashioned manners. You don't cuss out a lady, especially after putting 200 miles on her Mustang without fixing the underlying problem with the steering locking up. Nice, guys. Real nice.

Ryan's 2002 Ford Explorer. Ryan's problems started out small enough, but in less than 8 months, Ryan is now taking Ford to court, and I don't blame him.

Rose's 2002 Ford Econoline. Rose's bright shiny Econoline is now a heap of ashes, and the General Manager of Cypress Coast Ford, Mr. Ash (how appropriate!) referred her to her insurance company. Just makes you feel all warm and ... well, just warm....

Gary's 2002 Ford Mustang Convertible. How does a "new" car have replaced parts? How would they know it needed to have parts replaced if it's *new*? Gary's Mustang was a lemon from the word "Go"...

Mary's 2002 Ford Ranger. Bad enough that Mary's Ranger was leaking fuel, but the dealership gypped her out of half a tank of gas!

Alan's 2002 Ford Ranger. Another Ranger gone bad. Alan is asking for help in getting his run-away accelerator problem resolved.

Chester's 2001 Ford Expedition. Another Triton engine throws a spark plug, and Chester is ready to chuck his truck. He's contacted NHTSA, and if you're in the same boat, he urges you to do the same.

Teresa's 2001 Ford Expedition. Teresa may have solved the mystery of Ford's peeling paint -- apparently they use aluminum parts to cut down weight, and don't prepare the metal properly.

Rob's 2001 Ford F-150. One year into owning his new truck, gremlins stole all his paint. That must be what happened, because Ford refused to fix it. Surely they had a good reason, right? Either way, Rob has decided to bet on Hondas from now on.

Dolly's 2001 Ford F-150. More bad Ford paint. Y'know, my kids can accidentally put finger paint on a kitchen table that sandblasting won't take off 10 years later, and Ford can't cook high tech paint onto a prepared metal surface and make it stay for more than 4 years. Maybe they should hire my kids to do their painting?

Shelly's 2001 Ford Explorer. Shelly found out the hard way that her Explorer takes on water on a rainy day faster than the Titanic. Her engine ruined by water that mysteriously got in the gas tank, she wants to know if there are any class actions suits involving this defect.

Carissa's 2001 Ford F-150. Her truck spontaneously caught on fire, and Ford used the typical line, "It's a matter for your insurance." If you've had a similar problem (and many of you have), Carissa would like to hear from you.

Daryl's 2001 Ford Focus ZX3. Daryl and his wife have owned quite few Ford products over the years, but he says Ford will never get another penny out of him after his experience with the Ford Focus.

Erin's 2001 Ford Explorer. Looking for a reason why Ford's airbags don't deploy? Erin met a mechanic who had figured it out. Interesting reading, to say the least.

Bev's 2001 Ford Focus. Looking for a reason why Ford's airbags don't deploy? Erin met a mechanic who had figured it out. Interesting reading, to say the least.

Ruben's 2001 Ford Expedition. The computer on Ruben's Expedition said everything was fine, even though the car is dead. This stopped the technician cold. Maybe we rely too much on computers? Nahhh!

Brian's 2001 Ford F-350 Lariat Diesel 4x4 Crew Cab. Brian used to be a Ford Factory Trained Mechanic, and he's dumbfounded by the lack of quality in his truck.

Eileen's 2001 Ford Escort ZX2. Eileen describes her Escort as, "The worst car I have ever owned." 'Nuff said.

Laura's 2001 Ford Ranger. Laura provides us with a great timeline of her vehicles problems. Take out "Ranger", and you'd be talking about just about any other model in Ford's line.

William's 2001 Mustang Bullitt. Sanders Ford of Jacksonville, FL, really twisted William's tail. Seems they want to stick him with the bill for fixing a transmission that another Ford mechanic screwed up. Nice.

Arthur's 2001 Ford Ranger. The wispy thin paint job on Arthur's Ranger is self-destructing, and Arthur is looking for anyone else having the same problem.

Shuler's 2001 Ford ZX2. Her daughter totalled the ZX2, slamming head on into a variety of objects, and the airbags never deployed. Mrs. Shuler calls the car a deathtrap. Amen.

Chuck's 2001 F-250 Super Duty. Could someone please explain to me why someone would put "Super Duty" on a truck unless it was capable of outperforming, oh, say, a Toyota Prius in power and hauling capacity?

Cristin's 2001 Ford Escape. Cristin is convinced, through his informal poll, that Escapes have a design that causes stress fractures in the windshields, and is looking for anyone else that has noticed the same.

Dotti's 2001 Ford Escape. Dotti's pampered Escape has only 15k miles, 4 recalls, and now it's in for a bad moon roof, a $600 option, that Ford says they'll fix for $1400. My crystal ball says Dotti will be buying a Toyota next time.

Laura's 2001 Ford Mustang. Ford just can't get the paint right, and this time it's on its flagship product, the Mustang!

Stephanie's 2001 Cobra Mustang Convertible. 32,000 miles on it, and Steph's engine is a quarter ton paper weight. Nice engineering there, boys.

Sniper's 2001 Lincoln Navigator. Sniper was saved from Ford and Bowling Green Lincoln Mercury by his Dad's Chevy and an extended warranty.

Steve's 2001 Cobra Mustang. Only 22,000 miles, and Ford wants Steve to believe that the huge rattling noise is a "normal" rattle in the "cam chains." Many repairs later and the blue smoke of death is still spewing out of the back of the car. Steve's dream car is turning into a nightmare.

Frank's 2001 Taurus SES. Frank's Taurus has cost him more in repairs than the original purchase price. Eleven leaks in the firewall?! Were oars an option? UPDATE!! Frank has formed an Anti-Ford Club in Massachusetts and is taking decisive action against Ford. A MUST READ!

Ed's 2001 Ford Focus. More Focus brake problems combined with bearings, suspension, a bad head gasket, and even the windshield wiper system. Ed also has solid advice on alternate transportation...

Carl's 2001 Ford Focus. The infamous Focus brakes, ignition, and drive train, etc.

David's 2001 Ford Ranger. David seems to be a victim of the infamous Ford ignition module. His wife's Extended Cab XLT is now an extension of their fireplace.

Donna's 2001 Ford Focus. Frustrated Focus Owner #... um... aw heck, we lost count... Brake problems, overheating, and no one standing nearby dumb enough to buy it off of her. Donna's driven a Ford lately, and she's sorry she did.

Larry's 2001 Ford Taurus. Larry found that Ford wouldn't admit to a dangerous problem with the Taurus even when presented with its own service bulletin describing the problem. My guess is, Larry has probably sworn off Fords forever, and with good reason.

Joe's 2001 Ford F-150 Super Crew. Joe's "pride and joy" becomes his "shame and sadness." A very detailed account of why the Triton engine should be avoided at all costs.

Stephen's 2001 Ford Expedition. Another victim of the Triton engine -- and one of the few people that have actually benefited from the extended warranty.

Julie's 2001 Ford Taurus. If a car won't start, is it a car, or a planter waiting for dirt? Laurie's starters just keep dying on her. I suggested she put azaleas in it. She wasn't amused.

Laurie's 2001 Ford Focus. Laurie is a single Mom without a car thanks to Ford.

Morman Gal's 2001 Ford Taurus. This Mormon Gal is convinced that horse and buggy would be an upgrade to her Taurus. Ford Quality at work again.

John's 2001 Ford Focus ZX3. John is another Marshmallow Victim -- flames shooting from his new Focus, and no marshmallows handy! John's Focus Site has pictures of what's left.

Fernando's 2001 Ford F 150 Super Crew. A Mia! Not the paint again! It's like 1991 all over again! Fernando's truck is 2 years old and the paint is blistering and peeling!

Dennis' 2001 Ford Focus. Another marshmallow roaster. The Focus, judging from the letters I get, has some wiring problems, among other things.

Robbie's 2001 Ford Ranger and 1998 Mustang. Robbie got tired of his Mustang vibrating itself to pieces, so he got a Ranger -- out of the frying pan and into the fire...

Mara's 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. Mara's getting the run-around. Maybe it's just me; does it seem like Ford treats their customers like idiots?

Chris and Amber's 2001 Ranger XLT Supercab. These folks bought a truck with tires that had already been recalled! Isn't there a law against that?

Chris' 2001 Ford F-350 Super Duty Crew. Well, that didn't take long. And you'd think an F-350 Super Duty Crew would be built to last, wouldn't you?

J's 2000 Ford Expedition. J doesn't call it by name, but he's another victim of the Ford Triton engine. Spark plug #4 was rejected with extreme prejudice, and Ford commented dryly, "It's common." Makes you want to run right out and buy one, doesn't it? I mean, if you're stupid, that is....

Brown's 2000 Ford Focus. Brown has decided that the Ford Focus -- not just his, but ALL of them -- should be place summarily under the lemon law.

Chris' 2000 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer. Chris keeps tripping up the Ford maintenance department with the one weapon they have no defenses for: cold logic.

Mark's 2000 Ford F-150. Mark's F-150 is experiencing rust problems along some critical body welds. If you've had the same problem, Marks asks that you contact him.

Barry's 2000 Ford F-150 Super Cab. Barry's electrical system was already on the blink, but now the driver's side door is ripping half!! I've actually seen a number of these come through lately. I sense a recall or class action suit coming.

Shane's 2000 Ford Focus. Another Focus story about transmissions going bad. Shane doesn't mention the brakes or electrical. Maybe he's been lucky so far?

Dave's 2000 Ford Ranger. Five years, 4 brake systems, 4 steering systems, and Ford pretends Dave is just being picky. Wow.

Larissa's 2000 Ford Focus. Another Focus murder story, filled with the usual suspects: brakes, ignition, transmission, and more brakes.

Angel's 2000 Ford Focus. Angel gives us a grocery list of the problems she's had with her Focus. What a lemon...

Jack's 2000 Ford Explorer. Jack says his transmission "grenaded." I'm adding that to my list of adjectives for the plethora of things that can go wrong when you buy a Ford.

Mollie's 2000 Ford Focus. Mollie's Focus tried to commit suicide and take her with it. Image the fireball if the gas tank, which FELL OUT, had exploded!

Megan's 2000 Ford Focus. Her second mistake was buying a 4 year old Focus for 10 grand. Her first mistake was not checking this website before buying.

Carol's 2000 Lincoln LS. Lincoln is supposed to be Ford's highest quality line. Apparently the guys that built Carol's car didn't get that memo.

Catherine's 2000 Ford F-150. Another F-150 that exploded after sitting parked for HOURS. The electrical systems are a known problem at Ford, but still no recall!

can fix it.

Bruno's 2000 Ford Focus SE. Another Focus owner learning too late that this car was designed so badly, it breaks faster than Ford mechanics can fix it.

Ken's 2000 Ford Explorer. Ken's F-150 blew itself to pieces and took his wife's Explorer with it!

Stacy's 2000 Ford Escort. Stacy's Ford Escort has been in the shop 17 times for transmission work. Good to know Ford hasn't really changed the Escort much since I has the bad luck to own one.

Sheila's 2000 Ford Taurus. Even when it's a known problem, and a really dangerous problem at that, all you get are off-shored, uninterested, scripted customer support, and rude at that!

Reagan's 2000 Ford F-150. Reagan's children have solved the mystery of the F-150 -- it's possessed by aliens!

Marvin's 2000 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer. The Triton engine takes a dump during Marvin's family trip. He's contacted the Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and he has some good advice for anyone in this same situation.

Tiger's 2000 Windstar. Tiger not only bought the same vehicle as Lemick, he bought it from the same dealership, and is having the same customer service and quality problems. On the other hand, who knew you could repair a car with Vaseline?!

Peggy's 2000 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer. Do you ever wonder if Eddie Bauer, whoever that is, is feeling really stupid for lending his name to a Ford vehicle?

Lemick's 2000 Ford Windstar. Seven complaints on file with Ford, and no satisfaction. Where's the Quality that is Job #1? Apparently it doesn't extend past Ford's accounting department.

Kinkead's 2000 Ford Excursion.Tomball Ford wants to argue over a manufacture date when the recall obviously applies to this vehicle.

Brooke's 2000 Ford Ranger. I love it when "the computer can't find a problem." Folks, that doesn't mean the problem doesn't exist, and it certainly doesn't get Ford off the hook for repairing your defective vehicle. It just means the sensor in your car isn't designed to pick up the problem. INSIST that Ford fix the problem that YOU know is there!

Jon's 2000 Ford Ranger 4x4. The dealership blew off Jon's complaints about the brakes until someone got hurt.

Bruce's 2000 Ford Mustang. Bruce's Mustang's rear assembly needs serious help.

Cynthia's 2000 Ford Focus. Imagine driving along, making a turn, and the STEERING WHEEL COMES OFF!. I dunno, maybe it's me, but that sounds like a problem...

Heather's 2000 Ford Escort. Heather got lucky with her 1997 Escort, but her luck ran out BIG TIME with her Focus. Wow. This letter is a stunner...

Imoye's 2000 Ford Escort. Ford told Imoye that the Ford Escort "should shake like that..."

John's 2000 Ford Ranger. John went the extra mile to deal with Stoneham Ford, but the problems with his Ranger persisted, and now his warranty has run out...

Kent's 2000 Ford Focus. His Focus -- and the service he received when when his transmission self-destructed at 20k miles -- made an Anti-Ford Fan of Kent.

Angela's 2000 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer. The computer says it's fine, so surely the customer must be just imagining the problem!

Chynna's 2000 Ford Ranger. Wouldn't you think that a certified Ford Mechanic would know enough to put OIL in properly?

Tobourg's 2000 Ford Focus. NOTICE: Apparently Ford forgot how to secure the gas tanks on these babies!

Samantha's 2000 Ford Focus. I've been waiting, knowing that the Focus was Ford's answer to the money-making, low-quality Escorts of the '90s. Here's one that will amaze you.

Kevin's Mustang Cobra. THIS LETTER IS A MUST READ!! It details what happens when you upgrade (downgrade?) your Ford and contains a link to a lemon laws page that every Ford owner should check out!

Vance's 1999 Ford F-150. Vance's Triton engine did it's expected "disappearing spark plug trick", and after Vance used a helicoil to fix it, the engine ran ok for a while, but is now back in the shop. Vance is asking if anyone wants to join him in a class action suit.

Judy's 1999 Ford Mustang GT. Judy is also writing to tell us about the class action suit Ford lost regarding the inferior plastic manifolds it foisted on its customers for years.

Darrell's 1999 Ford F-150. Defective airbag, defective head gasket, defective electrical system... Darrell has decided to go with a car company that makes trucks that aren't built quite so "Ford Tough"...

Tim's 1999 Ford F-150. Tim put his life savings on the line to get his truck's electrical problems resolved. His final advice: "There's no honor among thieves."

Michael's 1999 Ford Expedition. John's Expedition blows a spark plug -- yes, it's a Triton engine again -- and the mechanic told him they had an F-350 in the shop at the same time with the same problem.

Mark's 1999 F-250 Super Duty Truck. Mark is another victim of the Triton engine's complete inability to hang on to spark plugs under high loads.

Josh's 1999 Ford E450 Van. The Triton engine strikes again, THREE TIMES. Josh, buddy, shoot the poor thing and move on already...

Deborah's 1999 Ford Expedition. Another Triton engine episode, along with an emergency brake cable snapping. Deborah's having a Bad Ford Day.

Casey's 1999 Ford Mustang. Chevrolet just got a new customer after the new engine in Casey's Mustang blew a head gasket after driving only 30 miles.

Stephanie's 1999 Ford Escort ZX2. Metal shavings show up in the fuel pump? The tranny craps out in only four years? Bad, very bad.

Patrick's 1999 Ford Windstar. Patrick is losing his patience with Jack Griffin Ford in Waukesha, WI. I don't think using up all his gas to diagnose a check engine light problem helped any.

Fred's 1999 Ford F-150. Fred sends us a *very* detailed account of his experience with Ford in the form of a letter sent to the dealership. I'd say Fred will be buying Toyota from now on. Oh what a feeling to switch to Toyota!

Bob's 1999 Ford Focus ZX3. The Focus is starting to sound like a rain barrel prone to demonic possession. Bob's electrical system requires an exorcist.

Kevin's 1999 Ford Mustang GT. The rear end on Kevin's Mustang is making some pretty alarming noises. And the warranty has been expired for one day!

Alysia's 1999 Ford Escort ZX2. Alysia is determined to get satisfaction, and has invoked the lemon law against Ford.

WHLav's 1999 Ford Mustang convertible. One Ford rep actually suggested that this man sell his leaky Mustang and buy a different car. Hmmmmm...... Yeah, but that doesn't really penalize Ford for making a crappy product, does it? Now, if WHLav hadn't bought that car in the first place....

Joanna's 1999 Ford Ranger. Bad door locks, bad air bags... Basically, Joanna's Ranger was a death trap.

Thomas's 1998 Ford Explorer. Thomas has had enough of Hunstersville Ford in Huntersville, NC. Sounds like the guys at Huntersville Ford need to go back to mechanic's school. Ford's response? "Ok, thanks for telling us, but you'll have to deal with it yourself." Now that's what I call Customer Relations!

Clyde's 1999 Ford Escort. Another Escort story, but with a well-documented example of the interaction you can expect with Ford's customer care department.

Thomas's 1998 Ford Explorer. Thomas has had enough of Huntersville Ford in Huntersville, NC. Sounds like the guys at Huntersville Ford need to go back to mechanic's school. Ford's response? "Ok, thanks for telling us, but you'll have to deal with it yourself." Now that's what I call Customer Relations!

Doug's 1998 Ford Mustang. Ford replaces the plastic manifold with an aluminum one, they've recalled the vehicles like his, but Doug's Mustang was magically not covered by the recall.

Teresa's 1998 Lincoln Town Car Limousine. This story contains a link to a highly informative site about why, if you're in the limo business or just hiring a limo, you should avoid Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury products like the plague.

Nancy's 1998 Ford Expedition.Nancy was getting tired of things breaking off her Expedition, but then the Triton engine ejected a spark plug and she had to be towed a 100 miles across a desert!

David's 1998 Ford Expedition.David read Nancy's letter about the problems she had with her Triton engine and had a case of deja oh-you've-got-to-be-kidding...

John's 1998 Ford Expedition.John's mechanic advised him, after having repaired numerous other Expeditions, the "the motor is junk." That's the Triton motor, summed up in a word.

Brian's 1998 Ford Expedition.Brian is another victim of the Triton engine. The dealership is just sure this problem is completely unheard of, and emptied Brian's wallet to the tune of $2900.

Steve's 1998 Ford Expedition.Steve missed 3 day's work, and his "top of the line" Platinum Extended Warranty because the threads were stripped. Of course, they were stripped because the Triton engine has a design flaw, but apparently the warranty folks feel that's Steve's problem. Nice, huh?

Dan's 1998 Ford F-150 4WD.Dan's doors are cracking, and his friend's F-150's door cracked in half! That's a bit scarey...

Paul's 1998 Ford Expedition.Paul's Expedition self destructed due to a known design flaw in Ford's engines (NOTE: A HUGE Thanks to Paul for forwarding several stories to me from other unlucky Ford owners).

Helen's 1998 Ford Escort ZX2.Helen brings us a detailed account of bad design, poor implementation, and typical Ford repair policy.

Keith's 1998 Ford Explorer.This guy's site tells the whole story.

The 1998 Ford Taurus Lemon. Complete with animation, this guy's site explains why you should avoid Ford products if you want to avoid respiratory problems.

Gayle's 1998 Ford Contour. Gayle is pretty disgusted with Ford's famous brakes. And axles. And A/C, and wiring, and service, and...

R's Ford Ranger. Even the general managers at Ford will candidly tell the customer that they don't stand a chance against Ford. Which is complete crap, but lying is all part of the game of keeping your money, isn't it?

Russell and Michelle's 1998 Ford Escort. A brilliantly detailed account of the lousy products and service provided by Sanders Ford of Jacksonville, Florida.

Michelle's Suggestion. From the same folks that brought you the story of Sanders Ford comes a brilliant suggestion.

Anita's 1998 Ford Mustang. Geez! More peeling paint. This paint thing is a serious nightmare...

Clevebook's 1998 Ford Windstar. Mr. Clevebook has some interesting points to make about speedometers and how Ford sets them up.

Fran's 1998 Ford F-150. Letters like this really burn me up. Nice, hardworking, honest people getting the shaft from dealerships and mechanics that really don't give a ^%&*(...

Archie's 1998 Ford Ranger. Bad transmissions are becoming a way of life for Archie.

Melissa's 1998 Ford Mustang. I love this one. This should be of special interest to all those people that told me I was out of my mind to not like Ford because the Mustang made up for all the evil cars that ever came out of Ford's factories.

Bob's 1998 F-150. Suspension problems are slowing tearing Bob's truck apart. Ford's sloppiness is slowly tearing his wallet apart.

Bob's 1997 Ford Crown Victoria. After all these years, Bob notifies us that Ford has lost a class action suit regarding the plastic manifold failures.

SC's 1997 F-150. Ford and Fred Jones Ford in Oklahoma City did the "Warranty Wiggle" to get out of paying for this man's warranteed maintenance.

Jeffs's 1997 Mustang. Ford used plastic for the intake manifold of Jeff's Mustang. In this case, Ford acknowledged the defect and extended the warranty on this part out to seven years, but Jeff just missed it.

Darla's 1998 Mustang. It's not enough to put the top up. You're going to need a bucket to bail the water out!

Fran's 1997 Ford Ranger. Fran's husband needs to pack marshmallows when he goes to work. He could have roasted some when his Ranger spontaneously combusted...

Jerami's 1997 Ford Grand Marquis. Ford has experimented with plastic for a number of parts, but the manifold?! That just doesn't make sense...

Jodi's 1997 Ford Taurus. This seat belt failure almost cost the life of an unborn child as well as the mother and driver. This message contains some good links for those looking for seat belt defect information.

Tony's 1997 Ford Explorer. Another stuck accelerator. Apparently not very uncommon for Ford. This time, though, it caused a pedestrian to be hit.

Scott's 1997 Ford Ranger. Scott buys his grandmother a small truck, only to find out that, no matter how good you treat these vehicles, they fall apart on you.

Todd's 1997 Contour. Different Todd, same complaints. Highland Park Ford and Ford Motor Corporation has guaranteed that another Todd will buy *anything* except a Ford.

Marty's 1997 Ford Escort II. Transmission problems -- again. Seems to be a common problem with newer Escorts.

Mike's 1997 Ford Crown Victoria. This one is a classic with pictures. Mike details the incredibly scary job a Ford dealership did on his brake lines.

Stacey's 1997 Ford Ranger. Tires, engine, electrical, and no help from Ford.

Caduja's 1997 Ford Windstar. Cad has some rough things to say about Democrats (hm!) but I couldn't disagree with this rest of his heartfelt letter...

Jai's 1997 Ford Contour. Ford made a Camry lover out of Jai. Good job, guys!

Lu's 1997 Ford Ranger. Sounds like Lu's electrical system is possessed!

Arthur's 1997 Ford Escort Wagon. Let Arthur explain why old Escort owners buy anything but Ford.

Stefanie's 1997 Ford F-150. Stefanie's F-150 will never give her another minute's trouble -- now that it's a pile of ashes!

Greg's 1997 Ford Escort XLT. NOTICE: This letter is a must read for owners of all Ford's 1997 products. His wife's airbag deployed while slowly driving over a BUMP IN THE ROAD!

Lou's 1997 Ford Explorer XLT. Lou's Explorer could probably have been better assembled by a class of 5th graders with bottles of Elmer's glue.

Edward's 1997 Ford Mustang. Mustang owners seem to hate me the most for this page. Maybe they should read Edward's story and reflect on their own intelligence in purchasing a Ford product.

Debra's 1997 Ford Escort. Debra's husband would probably advise all '97 Escort owners to keep a large pack of marshmallows handy, just in case...

Ben's 1997 Ford F-150. Ben has some excellent advice for those of us buying new cars. Seems he also had a similar experience to myself with Ford's brakes.

Mr. Barnes' 1997 Ford Ranger. Can't Ford get the transmission right on these Rangers, or at least acknowledge that there's a wide-spread problem?

BJA's 1997 Ford Escort. Another Escort story, and the Lemon Laws that protect us from Escort Hell.

Mr. Baxendale's 1997 Ford Explorer Sport. Even with the "Red Carpet Lease", Ford still stands for Found On Road Dead.

Debra's 1997 Ford Escort. Debra's husband would probably advise all '97 Escort owners to keep a large pack of marshmallows handy, just in case...

Michael's 1996 Ford Mustang GT. Michael is so fed up with trying to keep his Mustang running properly that he wrote me twice to make sure his letter got on this page. Ford and the dealership worked really hard to convert Michael, but they finally succeeded in getting him to swear off Ford for life.

Yvonne's 1996 Ford Contour. Apparently Teresa and her sister have a long lost triplet sister. Yvonne has a 1996 Contour and it's going through the same problems as Teresa and her sister did with their 1995.

Mary's 1996 Ford Taurus. This came on the same day as the one below. In this case, it's another chapter in Ford's love/hate relationship with paint.

JCU's 1996 Ford Taurus SHO. The infamous Taurus transmission strikes again.

Mr. Moon's 1996 Ford Explorer LTD. Ford's ongoing tire problems: another customer lied to.

Lor's 1996 Ford Explorer. A jammed throttle that Ford claims it can't find almost takes the lives of Lori and her daughter.

Robert's son's 1996 Ford F-150. Spontaneous combustion: Ford takes one of the National Enquirer's favorite topics and makes it a reality...

Jimmy's 1996 Ford Escort LX. A $4 ignition that could cost this gentleman his life.

Stibuc's 1996 Ford Ranger. Ford's love/hate relationship with their transmissions takes a nasty turn...

Shelly and 1996 Ford Power Modules. Here's someone looking for help with Ford power modules. Drop her a line if you know anything.

Annette's 1996 Mustang. Stuck on an island with limited auto choices? Take Annette's advice about models to avoid.

Shelli's 1996 Aerostar. Shelli's vehicles could learn something from Tupperware. Heck, they could learn something from Tinker Toys, too...

Sue's 1996 Ford Explorer. Sue trusted Ford to perform the regular maintenance that she brought her vehicle in for. Bad move on her part, trusting Ford that is...

Mark's 1996 Ford Explorer. This is the first time I've ever heard of anyone being charged a disposal fee for their trade-in, but with a Ford salesman, should you be surprised if the "friend" you just made had a knife in his hand and your back on his mind?

Teresa's 1995 Ford Contour. What makes this letter interesting is that Teresa and her sister had identical cars -- that even broke down at the same time!

Charles's 1995 Ford Escort LX. Charles' mother nearly died in her Escort.

Sierra's 1995 Ford Power Stroke. And if you think storing them in the garage means they last longer, read this.

Fred's 1995 Ford Tauras. Fred had a bad experience with his transmission, his ignition, and the ever famous extended warranty...

LL's 1995 Ford Explorer. Another bad tranny, this time on LL's Explorer.

Mark's 1994 Ford Taurus. You have to give Mark points for trying. He was loyal to the end... the very end of his patience, time, and money. Quite a saga.

Nebbueno's 1994 Ford Ranger. This poor guy nearly died when his Ranger's throttle jammed.

Michael's 1994 Mercury Sable Stationwagon. I love letters like this. Lots of detail, lots to get mad about.

Terri's 1994 Ford Mustang GT. Terri wants to spread the good word about Ford. If you're thinking about buying a Mustang, better read this.

M. Huckaby's 1994 Ranger -- and the 1995 Escort to replace it! Poor guy used to be a Ford mechanic and can't understand why he's having such trouble getting his cars serviced.

Brian's 1994 Ford Tempo. This almost reads like a Chevy/Ford comparison -- with Chevy winning hands down!

JT's 1994 Ford Taurus. Ok, so maybe it's not just the Rangers, although JT does have some good things to say about Ford's older models.

Tony's 1993 Ford Crown Victoria. Given a choice, Tony will pick a non-Ford mechanic and duct tape over a Ford dealership's maintenance shop any day.

Thom's 1993 Ford Crown Victoria. Thom not only bought a bad car, he bought into a bad dealership. Sounds pretty similar to the one I bought into...

Mike's 1992 Ford Tempo. Mike found out the hard way that Ford's customer service skills need brushing up.

Michael's 1992 Ford Taurus. Michael found out something interesting from his local mechanic regarding Ford transmissions.

Red's 1992 F-150 and 1989 Crown Victoria. Red is sure a loyal customer, but 3 strikes and YOU'RE OUT!

Mr. Farmer's 1990 Ford Taurus. Paint, CV boots, tie rods, A/C, you name it. Ford made a Honda believer out of him...

Mark's 1990 Ford Ranger. A Ford that just quits. Again, and again, and again....

Carol's 1990 Ford Ranger. More bad paint.

Laura's 1990 Ford Ranger. Does Ford have something against people owning cars with paint or something? Is there some law of nature that says that the word Ford cannot coexist with paint on a single piece of metal?

Shelly's 1990 Aerostar. In this case, Ford didn't just treat this customer badly, they've affected her entire life with their "money first, quality last" attitude. Calling the local TV station doesn't seem to help much, either, if the journalist isn't willing to dig a little.

Fitz's Ford Taurus. If you want a vehicle that lasts, Fitz can recommend some non-Ford makes.

Jim's 1989 Ford Taurus. Another lousy transmission. This guy is no slouch, he knows how to take care of a car, but there's only so much you can do with defective parts.

Ian's 1989 F-150 Truck. This gentleman probably knows far more now about car paint than any consumer should have to know...

Derek's 1989 Tempo and 1988 Escort. This poor guy really *wanted* to have faith in Ford, and he paid the price for trying...

Mr. Sumfelt's 1989 Ford Sable. I doubt Mr. Sumfelt's aunt is going to be buying Ford in the near future.

An AOL User's 1988 Ford Escort GT. This gentleman got taken, plain and simple, but he's smart enough not to make that mistake again. He's since stepped up -- to a Geo.

Jerry's 1988 Ford Escort GT. And Jerry proves the next wasn't an improvement either.

Gary's 1988 Ford wagon. Transmission problems and Ford's glowing outlook on their product line.

Alan Byrd's 1986 Ford Escort. Alan demonstrates that the previous year wasn't any better.

Neil Voss' 1987 Ford Escort GT. For this man so loved giving his hard-earned cash to Ford's maintenance department, that he built his own web page that we might be saved...

Casey's 1987 Ford Escort. Another sucker, apparently born on a minute that destined him to be cursed with an Escort later in life. I haven't yet had the problems Casey is having, but now I know what to expect...

Leigh's 1987 Ford Escort. Yet another victim of the Escort. Another shopping list of things to look for in the way of designed-to-fail parts frequently used by Ford.

Dan and Roseann's 1984 Ford Escort. Dan and I are of one mind when it comes to Ford's engineers.

Tim the Mechanic's experiences with Ford. Tim's a mechanic with lots of experience dealing with Ford designs. For that reason, he doesn't own one, and in this letter, he tells you why.

U-Haul Fears Ford. This is an interesting note I received in May of 2004 that explains why U-Haul won't rent trailers to Ford Explorer owners.

Mr. Walker is another experienced mechanic with some helpful insights into working with Ford engines.

SawDust Dog - Ex-Ford Engineer. This gentleman with the interesting nom-de-plume was once a Ford engineer, but he got tired of seeing his designs implemented so poorly.

Last updated January 7th, 2005
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