Date:     12/23/2004

The Ford F-150 pickups (and other vehicles sharing the Triton engine
and/or aluminum cylinder head, such as the Expedition and Mustang)
manufactured from approximately 1996-current year seem to have a design
defect wherein they tend to spontaneously blow spark plugs out of the
aluminum cylinder head. Many mechanics feel the head contains an
insufficient number of threads to hold the plugs when under stress, so
they have a greater than normal tendency to fail.

My repair was moderately expensive (I paid $2,000), but it can range
from anywhere to total engine replacement to adding heli-coils ($300).
Ford is not acknowledging any problem, so there's no guidance from them
on the best way to proceed with repair. Some people have had heli-coils
inserted, while some have had to have the entire engine replaced. Others
have had a recurrence of the failure, due to lack of direction from Ford.

I'd think this may have legs for a class action, and would appreciate
any insights as to how to proceed.

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